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Engage your customers from Whatsapp, LINE, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Email, Twitter, Instagram, etc and centralise all chats into a single dashboard.

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Having a multichannel chat is the right way to go

WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Line and other chat apps are where your customers spend lots of time on. Making it easy for them to reach your business via these chat apps is now a vital step in giving a great CX (Customer Experience).

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Return of Investment

Increase ROI by about 300% using Multichannel Chat.

Our Features


Integrate Your Chats

Integrate WhatsApp, Line, Messenger, and our Live Chat in web in a flash.


Allocate Customer Service

Allocate the incoming inquiries automatically to your CS Agents, no more confusion in assigning tasks


Template Messages

Set repeated messages as your template, increasing efficiency and accuracy in dealing with your customers.


Office Hours and Automatic Reply

Set your operational hours, and set your automatic message to reply out of office hours inquiries


Mobile App Customer Service

Increase your mobility in customer service with our mobile app. Always on, always ready.



Get valuable insight about your own customer service operations. Oversee your agents performance and other metrics.

Give your customers a way to seamlessly contact your company through different messaging applications, you can even connect to any other social messaging by using our custom channel integrations.

Being part of their journey

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#Enabling Conversations

We are enabling conversations around the world because we believe that's what keeps everything going. Are you in?

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