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  • How Andy saves his valuable time with Chat SDK

    Andy has been trying for months to develop a stable and reliable chat function into his financial app. He understands the importance and urgency of engaging his users. In need for a ready and proven solution, he turns to qiscus' chat SDK which can be customised and integrated easily into his app. Voila! A perfect solution to power up existing apps!


    Luna has consultant agency and their consultant spend hours on the roads everyday to meet her clients. It's really wasting time! She knows having an app will cut travelling cost/time and give each of her client more personalised attention. But she does not have the resources to build and maintain an app. She turned to Qiscus' Custom Package and within just few weeks, her company is servicing her clients remotely with her own whitelabelled app.

Customer Stories

Afianto Mukti

"As a telco, we have seen the potential of chats and video calls in transforming how businesses works. Qiscus is proven to be a key player in this transformation and they have the ability to make things easy for their clients."

Afianto Mukti, General Manager, Telkom Digital Services.

Doddy Lukito

"We are now creating a huge impact in Indonesia and are getting good support even from President Jokowi himself. We are helping patients in real-time, thank's to qiscus' chat, video and voice call."

Doddy Lukito, Chief Technology Officer, Halodoc.

Iman Usman

"As Ruangguru grows, we need to add on many features to our app, including a stable and reliable chat feature. This is where qiscus comes in. Qiscus SDK and the support team really help to improve our chat system and increase the engagement of our users. "

Iman Usman, Founder, Ruangguru.

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