Meeting South-East Asia Consumers' Expectations with Chats and Video Calls

Meeting South-East Asian Consumers' Expectations with Chats and Calls

A new lifestyle has emerged. Consumers in South-East Asia (SEA) today spend most of their time in the digital world - chatting and watching videos - all done mostly via their mobile phones. Inevitably, this new lifestyle is shaping their expectations on businesses.

Are businesses ready to meet the expectations of South-East Asian consumers today?

In this white paper, you will discover:

  • 3 key chat and video trends in SEA today
  • 5 key expectations of consumers in SEA
  • 4 indicators which businesses should be wary of to avoid being digitally disrupted
  • 4 practical examples and pain-points where chats and video calls can address and enhance business potential
  • 4 opportunities that chats and video calls bring to businesses

The opportunities are yours to grab.

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