How to Connect Your Instagram Business to a Facebook Page

Connecting Instagram Business to Facebook Page

Instagram Business and Facebook Pages are an ecosystem of tools provided by Facebook to support businesses in improving sales and marketing. For businesses that use these two platforms, connecting the two is highly recommended to maximize the use of the features provided.

When your Instagram Business account and Facebook Page are connected, you can use your Instagram Business account to advertise on Facebook. The following are benefits that you can take advantage of with the integration of these two platforms:

  • Promote your posts and stories
    To use the ‘Promote’ feature to boost posts and stories across both platforms, Facebook requires you to connect your Instagram Business account with your Facebook Page.
  • Allow customers to shop on Instagram
    In addition to the requirement of having to switc to an Instagram Business account, you must connect your Facebook Page with the account as well to use the ‘Shopping’ features on Instagram.
  • Run ads on Instagram and Facebook from your Facebook Page
    You can create ads that run on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously so that you can efficiently reach more people.
  • Make Posts Efficiently
    You can also serve the same Instagram ad on Facebook when you advertise from Instagram instead of having to duplicate posts.
  • Pay for promotions easily
    The payment method you use on Facebook can also be used on Instagram. You can also pay for promotions from the Instagram app.
  • Manage your messages
    You can manage messages on Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages from one inbox.
  • Synchronize your business’ contact information
    You can edit the contact information on your Facebook Page via Instagram Business and vice versa. This will help you ensure the consistency of your brand.
  • Gain access to cross-app features
    By connecting your Facebook Page with Instagram Business, you’ll gain access to features such as appointment booking buttons, donation stickers, and camera effects.

To connect your Instagram Business and Facebook Page, make sure your business already has both accounts. If the Instagram account your business uses is still a personal account, follow the steps in this article to switch to an Instagram Business account.

Here are the steps to connect your Instagram Business account to your Facebook Page:

1. Visit the Profile page


2. Click the Edit Profile button


3. In the ‘Public business information’ section, select ‘Page’ and click Connect or create. The pop up ‘Connect your Facebook Page’ will appear. Select Create Facebook Page if you don’t have a Facebook Page yet or select Connect an Existing Page if you already have one


4. Enter your mobile number or email and Facebook password. Click Enter

Screenshot_20210804-150343_Samsung Internet.jpg

5. Confirm your Facebook account by clicking Continue

Screenshot_20210804-150819_Samsung Internet.jpg

6. Click Continue to confirm Account Center settings


7. Click Yes, Finish Setup if you understand the Privacy and Policy


8. Select the Page you want to link to and then click Done


9. Your Instagram Business account is now already connected to Facebook Page


Once Instagram Business is connected to your Facebook Page, you can access Instagram Business via the Facebook Page. Follow these steps:

1. Visit Settings, which is on the left side of your Facebook Page.

Group 1198.png

2. Select Instagram. The connected Instagram Business will appear on the menu.

Group 1199.png

3. When you create posts on Instagram, you can share those posts on both platforms at the same time.

Group 1197.png

In addition to the points already mentioned, connecting Instagram Business and your Facebook Page is also one of the requirements if you want to integrate Instagram with Qiscus Multichannel Chat. You can access this page for more detailed requirements.

If it is integrated with Qiscus Multichannel Chat, your business can now access messages from Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and other social messaging from the same User Interface (UI). If you require further discussion, you can contact our team here.

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