Save Your Time: Reply to All Instagram DMs & WhatsApp from One Platform

Save Your Time: Reply to All Instagram DMs & WhatsApp from One Platform

In the current era of low-touch interactions, customers have switched to using digital media to carry out daily transactions, encouraging an increase in social commerce. A Deloitte survey in 2021 supports this observation. It reported that 78% of Internet users in Indonesia have been buying more goods online using their mobile devices.

Furthermore, Instagram reports that 70% of shopping enthusiasts visit its platform to discover products. It is no wonder that Instagram is a prevalent platform for conducting social commerce.

Instagram: From Photo-Sharing to Instagram for Business

Since its founding in 2010, Instagram has transformed into a social media platform that can help drive sales for businesses with the various features it has been releasing. In 2013, Instagram allowed embedded links and sponsored posts advertising which helped businesses to improve product engagements.

Instagram then eventually launched the business profile feature in 2014. It is a dashboard interface was integrated into user accounts to analyse impressions, reach, and other ads-related features. Instagram Business features continued to grow rapidly. From applying Call-to-Actions (CTAs) to in-app payment features which allow users to purchase products directly on the Instagram app without visiting third-party sites.

With these steady developments, Instagram has become a social media platform that is worthy for businesses to consider.

Access Instagram DMs and WhatsApp in One Platform

As one of the most popular social media platforms used for social commerce, using the Instagram Messaging API can help your business reach more potential customers. With its recent release of the Instagram Messaging API, users can now integrate it with WhatsApp and various other communication channels through Multichannel Chat. Now your customer data is centralised onto one dashboard. This way, communication with customers can be done more effectively and efficiently.

With the Instagram Messaging API integrated with Qiscus’ Multichannel Chat, you can now store all customer data from Instagram Messenger in the same location along with data from other communication channels. It will undoubtedly make it easier for your business to view the history of business data and observe the purchasing trends of your products and services.

Additionally, through Multichannel Chat, you can also provide responsive services through websites or applications anywhere and anytime. By integrating the Instagram Messaging API, you can automatically divide incoming messages evenly across many agents. You can also obtain analytics relevant to your business with Multichannel Chat by Qiscus.

So, What is Instagram Messaging API?

The Instagram Messaging API is intended for Instagram Business accounts to manage large-scale direct messaging. This process is also involving multiple live customer service agents to reply to and address customer enquiries and requests. The Instagram Messaging API allows businesses to manage messages customers send on Instagram, including those sent to Profiles, stores, and stories. Not only that, by using the Instagram Messaging API, businesses can integrate Instagram messaging with various other communication channels in a central location.

Instagram Messaging API has various features that can improve the effectiveness of business communication with customers. This features such as the Quick Reply feature where businesses can quickly send answers with just a click. Then, there is also the Ice Breakers feature. With this, customers can start a question with a business with a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). In addition, the Instagram API also has a handover protocol that allows two or more applications to collaborate by delegating control of conversations between primary receiver and secondary receiver apps.

The various features above will undoubtedly improve your business’ customer experience by providing convenience and high interactivity for customers.

Improve Your Business Strategy with Instagram Messaging API

Consumers will be satisfied when they can communicate with you effectively to fulfil their needs. Increase your reach to more potential customers by integrating the Instagram Messaging API into your processes.

Want to know more about the Instagram Messaging API and its features? Qiscus can help you. Learn more about the Instagram Messaging API by visiting our website here.

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