Komisi Yudisial: Maximize Community Service with Digital Communication Channels

As a judicial institution spearheading law enforcement in Indonesia, Komisi Yudisial has the vision to become a credible institution for the accountability of judges. More than that, taking responsibility for the state means that one must also be ready to serve the community. This is realized in one of the missions of Komisi Yudisial, which is to strengthen institutions and empower public participation.

To ensure a transparent judiciary, Komisi Yudisial needs the community as its main partner. With this mission in mind, Komisi Yudisial always strives to get closer to the public and gain its trust. One way is by staying up-to-date on digital transformation developments. Responding to the phenomenon of digital transformation in the Indonesian society over the years, Komisi Yudisial began to utilize various digital communication channels to carry out its mission.

How has Komisi Yudisial’s journey to get closer and gain the public’s trust in its services been like?

Getting Closer to the Community Through Digital Communication Channels

Knowing the media habits of the people in Indonesia, Komisi Yudisial starting being present on various digital communication channels. To optimize two-way communication with users of its services, Komisi Yudisial has begun to utilize chatbot and Omnichannel Chat technology.

Before using chatbots, two-way communication between Komisi Yudisial and its service users was still hampered especially by long waiting and response times. The long response time was also caused by agents who had to open many applications at the same time to switch applications continuously. This greatly affected the effectiveness of customer service agents managing incoming messages sent by members of the public.

To continue to provide the best service and maintain public trust, the Komisi Yudisial decided to find a solution that could assist it in overcoming these obstacles. After several searches, Komisi Yudisial finally entrusted Qiscus as a solution to meet their needs.

Two solutions are believed to be able to provide solutions to Komisi Yudisial’s existing needs: an omnichannel chat dashboard and a bot facilitated by Qiscus. The adoption of these two technologies is considered the most appropriate for the current conditions, especially resulting in a more effective and responsive communication flow. In addition, Komisi Yudisial also feels that adopting technology from Qiscus will help the institution to maintain and improve the quality of its services to the community significantly.

Currently, the adoption of Qiscus’ omnichannel chat technology is implemented as a multi-channel dashboard that centralizes various chat applications into one location. Now, agents no longer need to open many applications at once. The adoption of Qiscus chatbot technology by Komisi Yudisial is also being implemented in the form of a virtual assistant, popularly known as KYVA (Komisi Yudisial Virtual Assistant).

How has KYVA helped Komisi Yudisial overcome its obstacles?

Knowing More About KYVA (Komisi Yudisial Virtual Assistant)

KYVA ( Komisi Yudisial Virtual Assistant) is a chatbot which connects the public with Komisi Yudisial. It is important for the public to always stay connected with Komisi Yudisial in real-time. As a virtual assistant powered by a chatbot and Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, KYVA eases external communication flows between the institution and the public. An advantage is that KYVA is always available 24/7, so it can provide fast real-time responses which offers flexibility to the public to contact Komisi Yudisial at any time.

Quick responses and increasing time effectiveness of Komiti Yudisial’s customer service agents makes KYVA a reliable solution to accommodates the needs of the institution to get closer to the community. The integration of KYVA with Qiscus Robolabs uses a no-code chatbot to respond efficiently to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

With the integration with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, Komisi Yudisial’s agents are also able to respond to service users without having to access several platforms at once, since all communication channels can be accessed from just one chatboard. KYVA helps Komisi Yudisial meet the needs of internal communication channels that require speed and accuracy in information dissemination activities.

Increasing Public Trust With Qiscus

Both directly and indirectly, Qiscus solutions have helped increase public trust in state institutions such as Komisi Yudisial. This is evidenced by the increased incoming traffic chat to Komisi Yudisial, reaching 50% as compared to before it implemented Qiscus Robolabs and Qiscus Omnichannel Chat.

The convenience provided by Qiscus is also felt in how Komisi Yudisial’s quality of service is now deemed faster and more responsive. Speed, accuracy, and validity of information are keys for an institution to increase public trust, and Komisi Yudisial has succeeded in realizing this with Qiscus.

With Qiscus, Flow of Digital Communication Becomes Easier

As a law enforcement institution in Indonesia, it is pertinent that Komisi Yudisial earns public trust of the community especially in engaging Indonesians through digital communication channels. Komisi Yudisial continues to carry out its mission to partner the community to provide the best for the country by utilizing digital communication solutions through Qiscus Robolabs and Qiscus Omnichannel Chat. These solutions ensures that Komiti Yudisial are always available 24/7 and to automate communication with the public.

Do you have the same vision as Komisi Yudisial for your institution? Come discuss with our team to find out which solution is best for your institution!

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