Donating with Convenience:’s Story in Using Qiscus Multichannel Customer Service Chat

“There are still a lot of good people in Indonesia.”

That thought seems to be proven by Muhammad Alfatih Timur and Vikra Ijas, co-founders of, the first crowdfunding platform for social causes in Indonesia. Established since 2013, utilizes digital technology to systematically bridge good people, the community and organizations to be called #OrangBaik (or “Good Person” in English), who want to raise funds and garner donations through a single platform. Through this innovation, also encourages transparency and convenience in giving.

That change has led the organization to fund 26,236 fundraisings, valued at IDR 730,603,759,722, and involved 2,373,657 #OrangBaik in 2019. The gargantuans amount of fundraising is probably encouraged by the cooperative spirit, well-known as gotong-royong, of the Indonesian society.

Take the example of the latest event in June 2019 where a boy who was pinned down in a tunnel when he was riding on the roof of a Transjakarta bus. The sanction from the management which was imposed on the bus driver created sympathy from the Indonesian society, who then went on to collectively raise IDR 12,821,674 to be given to the bus driver.

This sort of kind acts from the local Indonesian society (and other similar stories) encouraged to create the first National Online Donation Day in Ramadan 2019. Supported by public figures such as the governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, popular Indonesian singer Andien, and 200 influencers, had successfully encouraged the spirit of sharing and gotong-royong to the society.

Utilizing Digital Platform to Interact with Customers

Considering the large number of #OrangBaik who actively participated in the event and other fundraising efforts helmed by the company, utilized WhatsApp as its customer service (CS) platform. The use of this chat platform was encouraged by the popularity of WhatsApp among 83% of Indonesian society, placing it as the second most popular platform in Indonesia especially after WhatsApp had launched WhatsApp for Business for Android and iOS, last 2018 and subsequently in April 2019 in Indonesia. The feature aimed to help small business owners to communicate and interact with their customers through the presence of business features, statistics, and messaging features which allowed them to respond to customers quickly.

However, the new features on their own do not solve the prior problem in WhatsApp, which only can be accessed by two devices at the same time. Thus, it cannot optimally support, since the business growth leads to a large number of enquiries at any one time. Considering the type of customer service (CS) in which imposes personal multilevel handling from the admin as supporting agent and consultant as the fundraising consultant, the CS requires many WhatsApp numbers to communicate and interact with a single customer. However, this method is not a brilliant branding strategy and may decrease the company’s trust and reputation.

Qiscus Multichannel Customer Service

Aware of the problem, realised that they required an integrated chat platform which has an embedded agent allocation feature to enable its consultants to handle multiple customers. Qiscus, an Indonesian chat SDK and messaging API’s provider, fulfilled that need by providing its Qiscus Multichannel Customer Service Chat. The innovation enables the corporation to engage customers through an app and streamlined mainstream chat apps all onto a single dashboard.

The service improved the company’s ability to connect with their customers more efficiently as it streamlines all chats from multiple channels in order to prevent’s CS from having to use multiple numbers. The chat apps which can be streamlined includes Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, and Qiscus’ in-app chat. It uses a single account to be accessed by the CS team.

The auto-agent allocation feature also enables the CS team to assign the task to the next available agent in order to communicate quickly with fundraisers. Aside from that, Qiscus Multichannel Customer Service Chat, which is equipped with a note feature, eases the CS agent to give particular note to each customer case. Furthermore, the CS agent could also use the resolve chat feature to mark out conversations which are either ongoing or already completed.

Responding to these features, Vikra Ijas expressed his satisfaction:

Before using Qiscus Multichannel Customer Service Chat, our fundraising support team members had to take turns to manage WhatsApp inquiries, which is not scalable and slowed down our response time. To follow up, each of our fundraising consultants then uses a different number to prevent current conversations from getting mixed up. Now, we have four support agents who are able to be online concurrently and best of all, they can assign our fundraising consultants to follow up directly through Qiscus Omnichannel Solution using the same number. This helps us to resolve issues and concerns faster and saves the confusion of managing many WhatsApp account.”

Expanding Your Business with Qiscus Multichannel Customer Service Chat

There are many more different examples you can implement using Qiscus Multichannel Chat Smart Agent Allocation. If you are interested in applying our services to your company operations or want to understand more, you can contact us at [email protected].

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