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to Increase Sales
and Customer Loyalty.

Engage your customers through 20+ Channels
in one platform and give the best customer experience with Qiscus

Contact us and we will help your business grow

Win your customers’ hearts on their favorite channels

Convert leads, handle complaints, market your products with our features.

Main Features:

Multiple Channels integrated in one dashboard: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LiveChat and many more


Live Chat: Put chat widget in your website and mobile apps


Agent Allocation, Agent Routing, Agent Management, Agent-ChatBot collaborations.


Complete Analytics about your customers, agents, channels.


Integrate with many other systems for automation and scaling


WhatsApp API


ChatBot, Auto Responder, Chat Templates and many more helpful features.

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Trusted by
1000+ leading businesses

Thousands of businesses have delighted millions of customers
with Qiscus’ solutions, conquering competition with cutting edge innovation.

+60 Milion
Number of end user
+1.2 Bilion
Number of messages
Number of industries

Trusted by:

Maximize customers’ trust
in every part of their journey:

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Remove lead leakages and slow responses
Welcome your customers on one unified platform and manage their profiles with CRM
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and Conversion

Improve transparency and coordination on selling process
Answer enquiries, introduce your product, segmentize customers with CRM and tagging
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and Service

Retain customers happiness and loyalty
Provide efficient and structured support with Multichannel Inbox, Chat Bot integration, Customer Satisfaction Surveys and other solutions
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Earn more value from your existing customers
Market your products and promotions to existing customers with our vast array of solutions

Join Us and Be a Champ.

Our technology is trusted by businesses across many industries. Now it’s your turn.

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Thomas Wijayanto

Head of Technology, Honda Sales Operation

Qiscus Multichannel Chat has been supporting the transformation of the field-selling project in Honda Sales Operation for over a year now. We have observed a decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost with this transformation, and in using Qiscus Multichannel Chat, we are able to more easily coordinate between dealers and our sales agents.
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Terry Djony

Founder & CEO, Chatbiz

Qiscus has helped Chatbiz.id grow its revenue up to 75% and customer leads up to 30%, brings more business possibilities to us. The team help us a lot in many process, kudos to Qiscus and the team!
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IT Sourcing Manager, Indosat

We have been using Qiscus for our customer communication platform. It help us to improve operations and productivity!
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CRM Manager, Alun Indah

We have been using Qiscus for our customer communication platform. It help us to improve operations and productivity!
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Yulia Anggiarini

Head of CS, Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia

We have been using Qiscus multichannel for a long time and so far it has made our team's job easier in terms of handling customers because we can answer various questions from many channels through a single dashboard. The process of submitting WhatsApp API through Qiscus is also fast and easy because it is fully assisted from the A to Z until we get the green-tick(verified) from WhatsApp.
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CRM Manager, Kino Indonesia

Customer satisfaction is our key of success, Qiscus helping us to achieve that by providing tools to handle customer request and questions well.
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Senior IT Manager, Whitehorse Group

Customer satisfaction is our key of success, Qiscus helping us to achieve that by providing tools to handle customer request and questions well.
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Nicola Putri

Marketing Manager

The integration of Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, Messenger API for Instagram, and WhatsApp Business API have helped us handle a large number of customer messages from various channels, especially WhatsApp and Instagram. This solution also contributes to increasing our sales performance by up to 2 times.
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Agustina Rahardjo

Customer Experience and VIP Client Manager

By using the WhatsApp Business API and Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, administrative processes carried out via WhatsApp are more automated, helping our employees to increase their productivity. Our response time is getting faster because we can access various communication channels in one dashboard.
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Rizky Anggara

Fraud Prevention & Cost Controller Manager

"The merging of all communication channels in Qiscus Omnichannel Chat helps us to provide a responsive service. In addition, the solution from Qiscus has stability, reliability, and a good UI, making it easier for us to improve the quality of communication services."
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Robiatun Awaliyah

Customer Service Lead of Avoskin

“After we used WhatsApp Business API from Qiscus, we managed to increase customer satisfaction by up to 80% and we manage to respond to customers more quickly. In addition, customers also gave positive reviews about our customer service performance.”
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Andria Liestiawan

Sales and Operation Head of Hartono

“Since integrating WhatsApp Business API and Qiscus Omnichannel chat, almost 90% of our customers are satisfied with the communication services we provide, especially in terms of response speed“

One platform for all of your customers:


Provide care
and support on many channels

Sell your products on WA, respond to feedback via email, interact on Twitter and other channels - all on one platform.

Loved by businesses
and developers

Fast and easy to set up, our platform is easy to use and can be integrated with other systems to your liking.

Improve productivity
and customer satisfaction

Understand your customers with CRM and analytics, handle their complaints with bots and agents, send notifications and other important information needed across all kinds of interactions.

Service assurance

Maintained server and data, always-ready support team, comprehensive documentation and status pages and perpetual development of our platforms.
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