2023: Contributing to Our Customers’ Success

Making our customers successful in 2023.

What a year it has been!

How was your 2023? We hope it was as memorable as ours. Helping our customers achieve success was the goal we aimed for and reached in 2023. It is this spirit that has led us to many memorable events and achievements.

As 2023 draws to a close, allow me to recall our significant achievements in the past year. These moments will not only remain in my memory but has also become an indelible cornerstone in our company’s milestones.

Growth Beyond Expectations

Allow me to reminisce the year 2022 for a moment. In that year, we took a leap of faith by rebranding as Qiscus Omnichannel Chat from Qiscus Multichannel Chat. This rebranding step was motivated by our desire to expand to wider communication networks to help businesses continue providing excellent customer service. Looking back, 2022 was a challenging year for many businesses. However, we managed to achieve revenue growth of up to 1.7 times that of the previous year, and continued to clinch prestigious awards from TOP Digital and HR Asia.

The various achievements we made in 2022 became benchmarks we used as reference to continue growing in 2023. Marking the beginning of 2023 with a firm step, we began to implement the strategic projections that we had carefully compiled.

Making our customers successful” is the main goal we aimed to implement throughout 2023. In realizing this goal, we emphasized on the principle that our customers’ successes are our success. The success obtained by our clients, partners, and various parties involved are testaments that we have also attained success in supporting them.

One of the first steps we have taken to realize this goal is by reviving various offline events. We believe that offline events are one of the important components in a business collaboration strategy with many parties, which is expected to have a positive impact in the future. Various events, from Tech Talk to Founder Talks, to guest lectures filled by Qiscus’ co-founders, were successfully carried out in-person.

Active participation in dozens of national and global events was also a valuable platform for us to introduce Qiscus more widely to a global audience. Our participation in Meta Marketing Summit 2023 in Malaysia, WhatsApp University in Singapore, and Digital Transformation Indonesia Conference and Expo in Indonesia, confirmed our position as a major player in the global business stage and strengthened our position as a pioneer and innovator in this industry.

We also created a knowledge sharing series called CX360 on our YouTube channel. The hope is that businesses and customers can access key insights into delivering memorable customer service in line with our goals.

Our strategic moves in 2023 resulted in growth beyond expectations. In 2023, we attained a variety of great achievements compared to the previous year. In 2023, we experienced 1.7 times more revenue growth than in 2022. This achievement was also accompanied by a 90% increase in our clients’ revenue.

Your success is our success because we grow with our clients’ success in delivering excellent customer service. It is the basis of success for a business to deliver more responsive customer service. Success in obtaining satisfactory service from businesses, as well as the success of the business in maintaining its existence among customers through conversations, is our goal.

Qiscus’ journey.

Our journey to achieve new milestones did not stop there. At the beginning of quarter 4, we decided to accept a strategic investment offer of 2 million dollars from Init6. Through this strategic investment, we are optimistic that we can expand our Asian market and get closer to our mission of becoming a world class technology company. The strategic investment, growth in customer satisfaction, and collaboration with the media as stakeholders, have made us even more enthusiastic in welcoming opportunities both nationally and globally.

We tasted the cherry on the cake by ending 2023 with an award from TOP DIGITAL in the categories of TOP DIGITAL Implementation 2023 #Level Stars 5 and TOP Leader on Digital Implementation 2023. This is the second time we have received the TOP DIGITAL award, making us winners for two consecutive years in a row. A solid start and optimal dedication from the team are certainly two big factors of Qiscus’ great achievements this year. We hope this award will continue leading us to achieve more good things in the future.


Conversa 3.0 Greeting with 4 Innovative Products

In 2023, we did not miss organizing our annual conference, Conversa 3.0. Entitled “Evolving into the Customer Centric Era”, our third Conversa event emphasized that business success is derived from the customer. What we create and serve should arise from the customer’s needs.

Conversa 3.0

Moreover, Conversa 3.0 is also our chance to share about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and omnichannel technology in the customer centric era, especially how these two technologies can collaborate and deliver consistent and ideal customer experience for businesses.

Supported by reliable speakers from various industry sectors, such as Arsjad Rasjid, Hammam Riza, Eva Noor, and Muhamad Fajrin Rashid, we unveiled a complete CX conference experience. More than 1000 business and tech-enthusiasts were brought together to strengthen business relationships and collaboration, in the spirit of learning from our esteemed speakers.

There is nothing but hope that we can bring success to our customers through the new products that we have developed. Our business value and vision of #EnablingConversations and making customers successful are poured into every feature in our products.

On this occasion, we also launched four innovative products to support business alignment in providing the best customer experience. We launched Qiscus AI Assistant, Qiscus Customer Data Platform, Qiscus Survey, and Qiscus Shop.

Let’s Make More Customers Successful

As 2023 draws to a close, let us reflect together on all that has been done in the past year. Whether good or bad, there are lessons to be learned and achievements to be grateful for. Thank you for your dedication and efforts this year. To the amazing team, a big appreciation for your invaluable contributions.

Looking forward to 2024, with all the ammunition we have prepared, we believe we can bring smiles of satisfaction to our customers’ faces by helping businesses to continue skyrocketing and bringing excellenr solutions to customers.

In 2024, Qiscus thrives with your support, driven by ambition and an unwavering commitment to our customers’ success. Together, let’s shape the future into a story of #EnablingConversations.

Delta Purna Widyangga, CEO & Co-Founder Qiscus

We are optimistic that 2024 will be the year where we get closer to actualizing our goal of becoming a world class technology company and perpetuating the values that we will always carry with us to continue contributing to our customers’ success.

See you in 2024!

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