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The future of support and service is human conversations.
Handle all types of scenarios with our functionalities,
all accessible in one platform.

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We have helped 1000+ leading businesses
in supporting their customers.

Boost your Customer Service agents’

Equip your agents with helpful features and integration

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Dashboard Inbox

Serve your customers from many channels on one dashboard to help your agents focus. Available in Web, Android and iOS

Chat Templates

Increase service consistency with Chat Templates as your protocol state

Agent Routing & Allocation

Automate how your agents receive customers: by channels, keywords or your own logic with custom allocation

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Gather customers’ feedback with CSAT

Deploy Chat Bot,
the smart way to serve customers.

Affordable and customizable, many any complaints
immediately 24/7.

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Bot and Agent partnership

Let your Bot answer and handover to agents if need be. Make your responses consistent and personalized.

Flexible API

Use our Webhooks and APIs to maximize your Bot functionality: send messages, assign agents or even manage customer data.

Rich Message Types

Your Bot can send texts, images, videos, carousel and many more during customer support

Customizable Logics and Scenarios

Bot logics can be tinkered to handle different flows: complaints, product questions, reminders and more!

Customer Service at your fingertips.

Easy and flexible, our multichannel platform
can boost your company’s performance in customer service as a whole.


Analytics & Data Management

Monitor your agents, study trends with analytics and download your data in popular file formats


Flexible collaboration with your IT system, now and forever

With our APIs and Webhooks, Multichannel can send data to and receive data from your company’s IT assets



Manage agents with our Agent Management feature: create and update agent profiles, assign and allocate, manage availability, and apply other battle-tested functionalities


Close support to help your goal

You will receive the support of an account manager and support team for you.

Provide enjoyable support and services
with conversations.

Contact us to enhance your customers’ loyalty and trust to your brand.

Learn how Multichannel can help your company market wisely to your customers.
Learn how Multichannel can help your company market wisely to your customers.
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