Deliver Exceptional Customer Service Experience Efficiently


Qiscus enables customer service teams to provide the best customer experience to their clients through various communication channels. Equipped with innovative features, Qiscus optimizes the customer service process, making it more efficient.

Proven Qiscus Solutions Boost Business Performance

Up to 50% Reduction in Manpower Cost
Up to 90% Increase in Agent Productivity

Efficiently Manage Increased Customer Chats with Speed

Empower your customer service team with a robust omnichannel platform, enabling them to handle a higher volume of customer chats promptly.

20+ Communication Channels in 1 Platform
Centralize all customer chats from various applications in one place. Your customer service team no longer needs to open multiple applications or rely on additional devices to respond to every customer chat.

Effortless Swift Responses, Even During Chat Surges
Experience seamless and speedy responses to customer chats with the assistance of chatbot and AI technology. Enable your customer service team to manage chat surges efficiently, without compromising response times.

Simplify Team Efforts in Personalizing Conversations
Enable your customer service team to easily access customer data from CRM, CDP, helpdesk ticketing systems, and other applications. Accelerate the team’s ability to identify customers and personalize communications effectively.

Enhance Efficiency by Routing Customer Chats to the Appropriate Divisions
Qiscus Omnichannel Chat enhances efficiency by routing customer chats to the relevant divisions. Ensure streamlined communication and timely resolution of customer needs.

Driving Customer Success through Collaborative Support
Enhance customer satisfaction by providing exceptional customer support. Qiscus drives collaborative efforts between your customer service team and other cross-functional teams, ensuring the delivery of successful solutions for every customer.

Manage and Optimize Customer Service Continuously

Drive Ongoing Excellence in Customer Service for Improved Satisfaction and Loyalty.

Stay Informed about Customer Service Performance at All Times
Leverage the analytics dashboard in Qiscus Omnichannel Chat to track the response speed of your customer service team in addressing customer chats, along with other valuable information that can be utilized for evaluating your customer service performance.

Maintain a Balanced Workload for Your Team
Qiscus is equipped with automated features that evenly distribute chats, helping your customer service team work happier and more efficiently as workloads are better balanced.

Maintain Service Excellence by Monitoring Conversation Quality
Monitor how your customer service team responds to each customer inquiry directly without interrupting ongoing chats. This is highly beneficial for conducting quality control on your customer service operations.

Tailor Team Access Rights to Suit Your Needs
Set up roles according to your customer service team’s organizational structure and determine the communication channels that each team can access based on their specific requirements.

Listen to Your Customer’s Voice
Leverage the CSAT survey feature provided by Qiscus to collect valuable insights directly from your customers. Valuing customer feedback is essential for continually improving and optimizing the quality of your customer service.

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