Maximize Unified Customer Data to Deliver Delightful Experiences to Your Customers

Qiscus CDP empowers your business to gather, unify, and gain actionable insights from customer data across multiple sources.

Qiscus AI Assistant
Collect Customer Data from Qicus Omnichannel Platform and Other Sources
Qiscus CDP is a powerful data platform that seamlessly collects and consolidates valuable customer data from various touchpoints. It efficiently captures user interaction data not only from Qiscus Omnichannel Platform but also from other essential applications and systems used by your business.
Unify Customer Data to Build a Holistic Customer Profile
By integrating data from various sources, Qiscus CDP creates a 360-degree view of each customer. This holistic customer profile provides valuable insights into their interactions, preferences, and behaviors across multiple touchpoints.
Create Personalized and Frictionless Customer Experiences
With a unified customer profile at your fingertips, you can accurately group your audiences and personalize interactions to fit their preferences. It enables you to run more targeted campaigns, enhancing cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and engage with loyal customers by offering them tailored promo
Feed Rich Customer Data to Other Apps in Your Business
Empower your teams with unified customer data to deliver delightful customer experiences. Use Qiscus CDP as the central hub for customer data to seamlessly provide your existing tools with up-to-date customer interaction data.

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