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Birthday reminders and personal notifications

With WhatsApp Business API and Broadcast Dashboard, send heartwarming messages to your customers


Detailed individual data management


Get customers' feedback easily


Unbounded customer interaction


Launch new products &
organize promotions with Omnichannel

See how our platform can enhance your marketing efforts.


WhatsApp Broadcast for promo initiation

Send information about new products, webinars, events and more directly to your customers’ WhatsApp numbers

API and Dashboard for Broadcast

Broadcast from our dashboard or automatically send a broadcast using our API from your tech stacks; conduct promotions as and when you need to

Manage questions about marketing consistently

Any new products and similar endeavours will garner questions - answer them consistently with powerful features such as Chat Templates, Auto Responder and Bot integration.

Monitor processes and results

With the combination of analytics, tagging, and third party integration, you can monitor the trends and impact of your marketing efforts

Check the state and conditions of your customer base

Analytics Feature

Our analytics feature enables you to monitor numbers of incoming messages, those tagged as complaints and more

Customers' Data Management

Update data in our platform, send data to other applications, export data as needed; understand your customers in general and individually

Receive Data from All Channels

Gather feedback and responses from social media, WhatsApp and other digital touch points to view the big picture

Unrestricted Integration with Supporting Applications

Integrate all of your business processes in Omnichannel with our API, Webhook and Custom Channel. Treat our platform as a gateway for your customer experience management

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SeaBank Maximizes Customer Service with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat

Drisa Hajar CSS Team leader of SeaBank
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Madame Chang's Success in Providing 24/7 Nonstop Customer Service

Rudy Papa Chang Founder Madame Chang
Story Avoskin

Over 1000 Inquiries on Instagram: How Does Avoskin Manage?

Robiatun Awaliyah Customer Service Lead of Avoskin

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Qiscus solutions on your business.

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Learn how Omnichannel can help you generate leads and gain customers.
Learn how Omnichannel can help you generate leads and gain customers.
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