Convert messages to leads
and sales opportunities on one Omnichannel platform.

No more lost leads with the combination of inbox, bots, CRM and other features.
Ensure your company is always on the forefront in welcoming every opportunity.

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Welcome leads
from anywhere, anytime.

Any incoming messages from different channels to the Omnichannel platform can be organized as leads to be converted to customers.


Unify your communication channels
on one dashboard

Collect messages from popular channels on one Omnichannel platform: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and others

Live Chat Integration

Embed live chat in all of your digital entry points: website, Android, iOS

Be ready 24/7

With our chatbot and Auto Responder, make sure no leads feel abandoned

WhatsApp Blast

With WhatsApp Business API, every mobile phone owner is a potential lead

Boost your leads identification

Warming up to people requires a structured process.
Our platform can help you in this regard.

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With Chat Templates, your agents won’t be hard pressed to remember important phrases and sentences to welcome your leads.


Our chatbot will make sure your lead generation process works round the clock

Auto Assign
dan Agent Routing

Your leads will be managed by appropriate agents with our routing and assigning options.

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Oversee agents’ performances and other metrics with our analytics tools

Manage your leads’ profiles to help
your Sales and Marketing team

Handover valuable leads to your sales
and marketing team by organizing data on our platform


Integrate CRM
and others

Omnichannel can be integrated with CRM and other leads management platform

Tagging and
Additional Info

Categorize incoming leads with tags and additional info, even accessible by agents and bots


Spot trends with useful analytics in the tagging and other sections

Export Data

Export your leads data in popular formats like .xls and .csv .

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SeaBank Maximizes Customer Service with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat

Drisa Hajar CSS Team leader of SeaBank
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Madame Chang's Success in Providing 24/7 Nonstop Customer Service

Rudy Papa Chang Founder Madame Chang
Story Avoskin

Over 1000 Inquiries on Instagram: How Does Avoskin Manage?

Robiatun Awaliyah Customer Service Lead of Avoskin

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Qiscus solutions on your business.

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Unify your leads on one
communication platform.

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Learn how Omnichannel can help convert your leads to customers
Learn how Omnichannel can help convert your leads to customers
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