Broadcast Marketing
Messages via WhatsApp
without Worries

  • WhatsApp Broadcast is 7x more effective than traditional email marketing.
  • Send bulk messages using the official WhatsApp Business API, no need to worry about your number being blocked by WhatsApp.
  • Easily integrate with chatbots and various applications tailored to your business needs.

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Connect with Your Customers
Through WhatsApp at Scale

Engage with Your Customers and Foster Trust

  • WhatsApp has a high open rate, increasing the likelihood that the promotional messages you send will be read by many of your customers.
  • Broadcast messages can be personalized and tailored to suit your brand tone, adding warmth to the conversation.
  • Broadcast messages sent from your verified WhatsApp Business account instill confidence in customers that the messages they receive are genuinely from your business.
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Drive Revenue by Sending Targeted Offers

  • Targeted WhatsApp blasts can be up to 700% more effective in generating sales than conventional email marketing.
  • With Qiscus WhatsApp broadcast solution you can send relevant marketing messages to a selected customer segment.
  • Qiscus is equipped with an analytics feature to help you measure the performance of your broadcasted marketing messages.
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Send marketing messages without worrying about being blocked by WhatsApp.

  • As an official WhatsApp partner, our solution adheres to WhatsApp guidelines.
  • Hundreds of millions of WhatsApp messages have been successfully sent through Qiscus.
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User-Friendly and Flexible to Integrate

  • Effortlessly connect with various applications using pre-built integrations available in the Qiscus App Center.
  • Integrate WhatsApp Broadcast with other applications flexibly according to your business needs with our simple yet versatile API and Webhook.
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