One Platform to Acquire More
Customers and Generate
More Revenue

Support all types of sales & marketing activities to bring in more customers and generate more revenue for your business.

Marketing Activities Are More Effective and Measurable


Promotional Broadcast on 20+ Communication Channels

Send notifications on WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and other channels to start promotions and offer to the millions of customers in your customer database.

Faster Customer Acquisition

Starting from existing customers and will continue to grow by reaching more customers, through social media, chat applications, to the marketplace. Customer data is easily collected and accelerates the customer acquisition process.

Improve Brand Image

Every message received by a customer will show a clear and verified sender identity. In addition, you can personalize messages that match your company's brand image. So that your company becomes more recognized and remembered by customers.

Turn All Conversations Into Sales on One Platform


Sales Productivity and Sales Increase

Sales increase along with the increased productivity of the sales team. The integration of 20+ communication channels makes your sales team more productive as they reach more customers easily. The more leads you to respond to, the more revenue you get.

Done Automatically and Systematically

Sales activities become faster and more efficient with the help of integrated chatbots and digital tools. From bot-assisted qualification processes to automation to CRM, without compromising customer convenience and disrupting your business operations.

Reach All Communication Channels

Serve customers on the channel of their choice thus increasing convenience and trust to increase sales. No more disappointed customers because they were asked to switch to another channel.

Best Sales & Marketing Performance Support

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Leads and Close Deal Project

New leads will come because of the ease of communication with customers. On the other hand, it will make it easier for you to maintain leads until it finally gives birth to revenue.

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User Friendly & Easy To Integrate

You can do marketing and sales activities on one platform. Qiscus Omnichannel Chat supports employee productivity with a user-friendly interface and easy integration with more than 20 applications.

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Real-Time Monitoring

All sales and marketing team activities are recorded in the Qiscus Omnichannel Chat analytics feature. So you can easily see team performance, evaluate, and make improvements with comprehensive analytical data.

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