Turn Chat Apps into Profitable Sales Channels with Qiscus Shop

Easily showcase your products, engage customers, and turn conversations into successful transactions. Increase your sales potential and take your business to new levels.

Qiscus Shop

Unlock Growth Opportunities of Chat Commerce with Qiscus Solutions

With Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, Qiscus Shop, and Robolabs, businesses gain access to a wide range of opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of WhatsApp Commerce and other chat applications as potent sales channels.

Make It Easier for Your Team to Recommend Products to Customers
Empower your online customer service team to seamlessly recommend products to customers while chatting through WhatsApp or other chat applications, using the powerful combination of Qiscus Shop and Omnichannel Chat.
Boost Your Sales with Drip Campaigns on Chat Apps
Maximize the effectiveness of your automated message sequences by incorporating product recommendations that can be effortlessly ordered through WhatsApp or shared via other chat apps using a microsite link. Unlock the full potential of lead generation campaigns to drive significant sales growth.
Deliver Personalized and Targeted Product Promotions
Boost repeat orders, cross-selling opportunities, and loyalty program engagement by delivering personalized and targeted product promotions to the right customers. With Qiscus, businesses can leverage first-party data to send messages to specific customers based on certain criteria through WhatsApp and 20+ other channels.

Easy-to-Use Solution for Businesses at Any Scale

Qiscus Shop can be utilized by businesses at various stages, from those just starting out to those looking to strategically expand their sales channels through WhatsApp and other chat applications.

Easy-to-Manage Online Catalog
Easily manage your product catalogs, inventory, and orders from chat apps through Qiscus Shop. Unlock the full potential of chat commerce without the complexity of managing a separate e-commerce website.
Brings Checkout Experience to Chat Apps
Allow customers to conveniently browse product catalogs and place orders directly on WhatsApp. And use Qiscus Shop microsite to deliver end-to-end chat commerce experience to other chat apps.
Effortlessly Connected to WhatsApp Catalog
Efficiently manage your catalog in Qiscus Shop, and enjoy automatic updates in WhatsApp Catalog. All orders made through WhatsApp Catalog and Qiscus Shop microsite will seamlessly populate in the Qiscus Shop dashboard.
Various Payment and Courier Options
Qiscus Shop supports a wide range of payment systems and courier services in Indonesia, allowing you to choose the ones that best suit your business needs.
Automatic Order Status Updates to Customers
Transaction details and order status updates can be automatically sent to customers via WhatsApp or other chat applications. Keep your customers informed by promptly sending them the latest order status information.
Post-Purchase Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Gather CSAT survey responses through WhatsApp or other chat applications once orders are fulfilled. Utilize valuable customer feedback to enhance overall business performance.
Flexible and Scalable Integration with Other Applications
Integrate Qiscus Shop solution from Qiscus with your business's preferred e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, or other applications, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

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