Increase customer satisfaction with Messenger API for Instagram

90% of people on Instagram today follow at least one business. Integrate your Instagram API with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat to enable more advanced communication

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Grow your businesses with Instagram API

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Increases business revenue through Instagram

Build great communication experiences on your Instagram business account and drive sales by placing your brand’s products on Instagram

Enhance business response rate and customer experience

Messenger API for Instagram allows businesses to manage all incoming messages from posts, stories, mentions, and direct messaging in a single dashboard. This can help your business to provide fast responses to every customer and enhance customer experience at the same time

Extend your investment to people and tools to support customer service

How can you scale up your business ? By investing a lot in Instagram Messaging API - you can also integrate Instagram API for customer care with other business tools, likes CRM, to improve the business’ efficiency

Build trust with customers and improve customer experience

Responding quickly to your customers can build personal feelings and increase trust for the long-term.

Deliver interactive conversations with Messenger API for Instagram

Essential things for businesses to use Messenger API for Instagram

  • Companies that want to start using Instagram Messaging API should meet the following requirements:

  • Businesses will need to own an Instagram Business Account. inactive

    Businesses will need to own an Instagram Business Account.

  • This Instagram Business account must be linked to a Facebook page. inactive

    This Instagram Business account must be linked to a Facebook page.

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Testimoni Pengguna Qiscus

logo Chocochips Boutique
Nicola Putri
Marketing Manager
“The integration of Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, Messenger API for Instagram, and WhatsApp Business API have helped us handle a large number of customer messages from various channels, especially WhatsApp and Instagram. This solution also contributes to increasing our sales performance by up to 2 times.”
logo Morula
Agustina Rahardjo
Customer Experience and VIP Client Manager
“The Messenger API for Instagram from Qiscus makes it easy for us to provide more seamless and concise customer service on Instagram because all its features can be accessed in one dashboard without the need for multiple devices. More than that, the various features available can also help us improve our customer experience on Instagram.”
logo Avoskin
Dea Putri Nuyansari
Social Media Manager
“By using the WhatsApp Business API and Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, administrative processes carried out via WhatsApp are more automated, helping our employees to increase their productivity. Our response time is getting faster because we can access various communication channels in one dashboard.”

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