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Power up your business’ communication strategies with Qiscus Call. Empower your customers by allowing them to contact your business directly through phone, voice, and video calls from anywhere.

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Cloud PBX Telephone: Quick, Fuss-Free Setup

Want to receive or make phone calls to your customers via browser? No problem. Qiscus Call allows your customer service agents to receive phone calls right away through a quick setup process. No more expensive devices; with just the Internet and a browser, you are ready to build a telephone network for your customers.
VoIP: Make Voice and Video Calls Quickly Over the Internet
Rise up a notch and share details of your products and services to your customers through interactive and live voice and video calls. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems and video calls via Qiscus Call allow your team to share virtual tours or product demonstrations for your customers for a novel experience.

Upgrade Your Business’ Communication Needs with Qiscus Call

Qiscus Omnichannel Summary
rekam dan putar
Record and Playback Every Single Voice and Video Call
Each voice or video call can be saved and downloaded for future use or agent evaluation.
kembangkan pelayanan
Enhance Call Center Services with Data
Get data-driven analytics to monitor and evaluate your business with our analytics dashboard to improve your call center service processes.
membuat operasional
Speed Up & Ease Business Operations
A browser and Internet connection are all you need to serve customers through Qiscus Call. No device needed with quick setup.
tingkatkan produktivitas
Increase Team Productivity Easily & Transparently
Easily manage and supervise agents while transparently sharing roles within teams.
integrasikan semua
Integrate All on One Dashboard
Simplify things with Qiscus. With everything on one dashboard, activate voice or video calls right away to manage customers.
kami 24/7
We are here, 24/7 for You
Like your customers, we know you also expect effective support. Our Support Team and Account Managers are always ready to assist you in achieving your goals.

Build a Wholesome
Customer Experience Easily


Reduce equipment costs with digital incoming and outgoing calls.


Enhance your brand’s communication channels with voice and video calls via Internet protocol


Browser-friendly user communication dashboard.


Create an all-in-one channel by integrating WhatsApp, Instagram, e-mail, and over 20 other communication channels with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat.


Optimize team productivity with agent allocation, recording, and dashboard analytics.


Integrate with CRM, ticketing, and other features for comprehensive customer management.

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