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Support you to always be present on every customer's favorite communication channel, making customers feel more cared for, and creating a customer experience that leaves a mark on the customer's heart.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Efficient Customer Service


Two Way Communication on 20+ Communication Channels

Respond to all messages and customer complaints from chat applications, social media, marketplaces, and other digital communication channels in just one platform.

Improve Customer Experience

The messages sent to customers can be personalized to enhance customer experience and customer loyalty in the future.

Increase Customer Retention

Easy integration with CSAT, CRM, and chatbots will increase customer retention. Where offers, follow-ups, and customer responses become faster, easier, and measurable.

No Lost Customers

The integration of 20+ digital communication channels, fast response, personalized messaging, and integration with CRM and CSAT will make it easier for you to keep customers because all processes are recorded and can be monitored in real-time.

Turn Agents Into Customer Service Experts


More Active Customer Service

The message template features, auto assign, customer data, and integration in the chatbot will make customer service more active and loved by customers.

More Effective and Measurable Agent Management

Get access to agent management and analytics to see the performance of customer service agents in real-time. Agent management will also distribute the workload fairly to agents.

Training and Consulting with Experts

Get training using Omnichannel Chat for free. In addition, you can get consultation and input from Expertise to improve agent performance in the future.

Qiscus Omnichannel Chat for the Best Customer Service

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Faster and More Precise Service

Customers no longer need to wait long because Qiscus Omnichannel Chat provides a combination of bots, routing agents, and other features to support faster and more precise responses to customers.

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Five-Star Customer Service Quality

The ease of integration and existing features will maintain the quality of your customer service. There is an analytical features and expert consultation that help you improve agent performance.

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Affordable Prices with More Value

You will not feel wasted investing in Qiscus Omnichannel Chat. Because in addition to supporting customer service performance, it will also supports all business lines.

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Transformatively Improve Customer Service Performance with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat

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Madame Chang's Success in Providing 24/7 Nonstop Customer Service

Rudy Papa Chang Founder Madame Chang
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Over 1000 Inquiries on Instagram: How Does Avoskin Manage?

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