Give Your Customer Extra Layer of Security with WhatsApp OTP

Strengthen your customer account security by implementing an OTP authentication system delivered through your official WhatsApp Business account.

Whatsapp OTP

Trusted by 2000+ Companies

Qiscus is an Official WhatsApp BSP trusted by thousands of companies from various industries to provide diverse business solutions using WhatsApp.

Extra Security Layer Through Trusted Communication Channel

Secure and Encrypted OTP
Our WhatsApp OTP solution ensures the highest level of security by using end-to-end encryption. This means that only your customer can view the OTP code sent via WhatsApp, reducing the risk of fraud or hacker attacks resulting from illegal access.
Enhance Brand Trust
OTP messages are dispatched via a verified and official WhatsApp Business account, distinct from regular WhatsApp accounts. This builds trust among your customers, assuring them that the OTP they receive is from a reliable and authentic source.
Cost-Efficient OTP Delivery
Free your customers from the possibility of incurring charges when receiving OTPs via SMS. WhatsApp messages are sent over the internet, making the total cost of sending and receiving OTPs more efficient than SMS.
User-Friendly Experience
Over 2 billion people have used WhatsApp and are comfortable receiving messages through it. OTP messages sent via WhatsApp can also include a button to copy the OTP code, making it user-friendly.

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