Sompo Insurance: Increase Productivity and Maximize Customer Service

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As the one of the leading insurance companies in Indonesia, Sompo Insurance aspires to continue improving its customer service quality. The company, which has existed for more than 45 years, continues to make various kinds of innovations to continue being at the forefront. Such innovations are not only for the company’s progress but also to maintain customer loyalty. To survive this far, Sompo Insurance has created various innovations, including to provide the best services for its customers. Read more about Sompo Insurance’s journey to increase productivity and how it maximizes customer service in the following article.

Sompo Insurance’s Journey to Give Best Service for Customers

PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia (Sompo Insurance) is one of the leading insurance companies in Indonesia. Previously, this company was formed following the merger of several parent companies through the integration of Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. and Nipponkoa Insurance Co. Ltd. These two companies individually possess 40 years of long history in the Indonesian insurance market. Throughout its journey, Sompo Insurance has always held on to its philosophy: “Providing the best quality service to every customer in relation to protection, health and welfare.” Apart from providing the best service of these three things, Sompo Insurance also continues to strive to provide the best online customer service experience when interacting with customers.

As an insurance company, Sompo Insurance continues to keep in touch with its customers. Therefore, it is important for Sompo Insurance to keep listening to its customers’ voices and provide the best service for them, considering that keeping customers satisfied and loyal are crucial for every business now. One thing that can be done to achieve this is by providing fast and convenient customer service to customers.

As found in the studies by PwC, nearly 80% of American consumers point to speed, convenience, knowledgeable help and friendly service as the most important elements of a positive costumer experience. Additionally, 43% of customers are willing to pay more for companies that provide greater convenience, and 42% are willing to pay more for a friendly service experience.

Until now, Sompo Insurance still relies on a dial-in hotline as one of their customer service channels. However, as time goes by, Sompo Insurance realizes that they must provide other communication channels for the needs of customer service. Therefore, in 2019, Sompo Insurance innovated to find and provide other communication channels that best suit its customers.

Improve Customer Service Quality With Qiscus

To optimize the quality of its customer service, Sompo Insurance chose WhatsApp as an additional channel for customers to reach out to the company. Sompo Insurance found that WhatsApp can ease customers to contact them as an alternative to its dial-in hotline. In order to provide more advanced communication services, Sompo Insurance then turned to the use of WhatsApp Business API to make its WhatsApp service even better.

Sompo Insurance entrusted Qiscus to set up WhatsApp Business API as a solution for its needs. The use of WhatsApp Business API has proven helpful for Sompo Insurance in solving problems it had experienced previously relating to customer support. The implementation of the API has also helped Sompo Insurance to become more engaged with its customers.

Sompo Insurance considers that adding WhatsApp as one of its customer service channels was the right decision. This resonates with what was claimed by Microsoft, which found that that today’s customers interact with businesses through various communication channels. Microsoft also wrote in its State of Global Customer Service Report 2017 that customers of today prefer to access real-time channels when they have to deal with customer service. The presence of the WhatsApp Business API is certainly a strength for Sompo Insurance as besides being instant and simple, Sompo Insurance customers have another option for an easier and instantaneous interaction with the business.

With the relevant solutions from Qiscus, Sompo Insurance also felt that implementing these solutions helps to increase the productivity of the company as it has become easier and more efficient to produce reports and findings, which helps minimize the company’s operating costs.

Maximize Your Customer Service with Qiscus

Qiscus recognises that customer satisfaction is one of the most crucial things to sustain and improve the quality of businesses. To make this happen, yuor customer service processes and systems must be in optimum shape. There are many ways that businesses can implement to improve their customer service quality, one of which is by developing business channels that connect companies directly and seamlessly to customers, as show by the strategies taken by Sompo Insurance.

Qiscus can help your business maximize your brand’s customer service by creating a more instant, easy, and effective communication channel with customers. Let’s discuss the challenges that your business is facing right now and get the most appropriate solution from Qiscus!

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