Maximizing Conversion in Your Business through The Implementation of Live Chat (Part II)

In the past, we used to have sales people to advertise our products.Thanks to technology, we now have an internet connection that enables businesses to advertise their products digitally. Thus, the website is created and starts being an essential tool so that business owners will not lose out on great opportunities to market their business.

Now the question; is the website on it’s own enough?

Business owners then try to enhance their business performance by adding a live chat. It saves time and  potentially increases sales, but unfortunately it doesn’t work right away. We have to admit that live chat presence is an amazing tool to communicate with customers. however it works only if it is done right.

If you are part of a business, decide why you want to implement live chat: Is it to have more leads, more consumers or more customer support? Then, follow our guide below and you’re sure to get some great results.

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How to Setup Live Chat for Conversions

Step 1: Page Selection

With the data you’ve obtained, install the live chat platform only on the pages that are important. However, some chat platforms require the establishment of a platform on all pages to make sure that a conversation continues when visitor is looking through all the pages.

Step 2: A Driven-Greeting

Greetings are crucial to generate leads. Therefore, you can activate proactive greetings, such as:

– Time on website

– First-timer or existing customers.

– Current page address is “….”

– Visited the following page(s) “…..”during this session

– Referring website address is “….” (i.e.,,,

– User’s country or city is “….”

– Searched keyword is “….” (from a Google paid ad, or Bing)

Here is the basic greeting setup checklist:

  1.  Set the time for the greeting on your website. Do not distract the potential customers, give them enough space. Make sure the chat does not start in an intrusive way.
  2. If you don’t have a user login area, put a “Welcome back” greeting to your returning visitors.
  3. If you do have a login area for the remaining visitors, don’t show chat on pages they can visit (except it is customer support).

Step 3: SaaS VS  Leads VS Support

SaaS Setup

When a website is has a conversion rate below 2%:

  1. Answer the visitor’s first question.
  2. Get their personal data such as name, phone number and email.
  3. Direct the visitor to the sign-up area.
  4. Use the details you have gotten to drive them back to the CTA.

The reason behind this is to get the same conversion rate, and at the same time, solving questions by answering them. Plus, you will get those who wouldn’t convert during their visits and let the sales team do their work.

Lead Generation Setup

When live chat becomes more common, here’s the how to guide:

  1. Have a FAQ besides the chat platform to get the question answered quicker.
  2. Record the main information about the user in an easier way, for instance, install a Wufoo form with fillers for name, email, etc.
  3. When having a chat convo, make a bold move by asking for details.

Customer Support Setup

The goal of having CS is to solve customer’s issues since they can work in real-time and thus, you won’t annoy your customers. The best way to start off is to have your sales/product people handle support request at the beginning and make a knowledgebase of all the Q&A as a guide for your next agents hired to do their job supporting your business.

Live Chat Tips

Before incorporating live chat within your business, here are the top quick tips about live chat.

  1. Do not use offline chat
    Messages like “Leave a message” are inappropriate. Just set the live chat online or offline.
  2. Quick answer 
    Answers to the question should take no longer than 15 sec.
  3. Be 24/7 ready 
    A lot of leads come through after work hours, so no, your website does not close and neither does its chat.
  4. Get insight from your chat transcript data
  5. See your traffic insights, know your products more by seeing their opportunities and of course see the most FAQ and get to know whether you have addressed your website in the right way to let consumers consume information easily.

All in all….

If you want to start your live chat, be sure to check the lists we have mentioned above. Inevitably, establishing professional and effective live chat shows that your business is reliable. Most likely, when you become an expert in ‘hacking’ live-chat into your business, it is a way to be more in touch with your customers. Well, maybe it’s your turn to tap live chat experience and you need some guidance? Get in touch with us at [email protected] to explore more probabilities of live chat strengthening your business.





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