Migo’s Response Time: From 60 Minutes to 2 Minutes. How Did They Do it?

Migo is a digital entertainment content provider, serving consumers with a wide array of podcasts, local and international films, television series, and educational content. A collaborative product by Indonesian Ed-Tech players and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Migo also plans to launch additional features or services, including music, e-books, games, digital financial services and e-commerce in the next few years.

Migo’s Penetration as a Digital Entertainment Content Media Platform into Indonesia

Based on a report from APJII (also known as Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia) entitled Indonesian Internet Profile 2022, penetration of the Internet in Indonesia has reached 77.02%. With this in mind, Migo is envisioned to become the solution for Indonesians to access affordable digital entertainment content. Since Migo was launched in Indonesia in 2020, it garnered 25 million subscribers across 1,400 locations.

As a media platform for digital content access, Migo connects with customers through various digital communication channels. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, in-app chat, and Google Play Store are some of the digital communication channels used by Migo to ease interactions with other users.

Of course, Migo is very aware that providing excellent service to continue meeting the needs and expectations of consumers is crucial. Check out Migo’s journey in providing the best services for its customers in the following article.

Migo’s Digital Communication Challenges

With so many communication channels, it can pose a challenge or become an opportunity for businesses, and Migo is no exception. Being on multiple channels allows Migo to expand its reach further, making it easier for Migo to connect with customers. On the other hand, the large volume of messages means that Migo need to utilize all available resources to provide a positive presence anywhere it is present.

Improving its first response time (FRT) is always challenging for any customer service team in any business. Meeting the ideal time, replying to customer messages as quickly as possible, and utilizing all available resources are significant considerations. This is especially crucial for a start-up company like Migo, where customer service is at the forefront and the company’s representatives for all its customers.

Furthermore, having a broad target market, Migo must provide clear and easily accepted information by its users. Including when faced with a complaint or not only clear information, Migo also needs a quick response to customer complaints. The speed of response from a brand, brand, or business is the first impression for customers, and so this is also a concern, including for Migo.

Previously, Migo’s FRT was averaging at 60 minutes, which is quite a long wait for consumers. However, now its FRT is averaging at 2 minutes, which is amazing. Take a look at 3 strategies Migo is adopting with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat:

3 Strategies by Migo to Reduce First Response Time

Seeing the demand from its customers to speed up its response time, Migo knew it had to find an immediate solution. Previously, Migo relied on existing resources but with the help of omnichannel chat technology from Qiscus now, Migo is able to overcome these challenges. Here’s how Migo takes advantage of Qiscus Omnichannel Chat to increase its FRT.

  1. Using just one dashboard to access all communication channels

Having to own and monitor more than one digital communication channel is a challenge for any business. However, with just a single platform to manage and respond to incoming messages from various communication channels, responding to messages becomes centralized and easier to manage. With Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, Migo has integrated all of its communication channels into a single dashboard. Its agents no longer need to open and switch between many applications.

  1. Being present in applications which customers are familiar with

With more than 2 billion users, WhatsApp is easily the most familiar application to customers. Being present on WhatsApp as one of the main communication channels means that Migo has taken a step in the right direction. With Qiscus Omnichannel Chat and WhatsApp Business API also provided by Qiscus, Migo only requires one WhatsApp number to be accessed by all of its customer service agents. This saves lots of time and costs as it no longer needs multiple WhatsApp accounts to serve its customers.

  1. Automation leads to more productive, effective, and efficient service

Agent productivity is one factor that determines a business’ response time. Using Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, Migo allows its customer service team to share incoming messages with an even number of messages allocated to each agent with the Agent Allocation feature. This even division optimizes agent performance as each agent will manage the same number of messages and receives equal workloads. Agent Allocation feature also ensures Migo’s customer service agents meet their targeted FRT.

Migo chose to work with Qiscus because the omnichannel solutions are able to support the demands of the brand’s customer experience. With a friendly user interface as well as systematic and structured systems, excellent customer experience is assured.

Want to Be Like Migo? There is no better time!

Migo has found that its position as a start-up distributor of digital entertainment content has been enhanced by using Qiscus’ services, namely its Omnichannel Chat and WhatsApp Business API. Decreasing Migo’s FRT from 60 minutes to 2 minutes is not an easy feat but Qiscus has made it easier for Migo to reach this target. Most importantly, Migo is now able to provide excellent customer experience with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat and its accompanying WhatsApp Business API.

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