Why AI (Artificial Intelligence) Could Be Your Best Friend

The era of AI and Chatbots

While some people may consider Artificial Intelligence as a threat to humanity, it is real that AI is now a part  and is gradually dominating every aspect of our lives. AI is the brain behind the intelligence system that happens these days. For example, chatbots that greet us or provide recommendations based on our preferences every time we shop online.

Are one of the ways Artificial Intelligencehas infiltrated our lives in a manner that has never been done before. In a nutshell, we cannot deny that AI systems make things work faster and effective.  According to Gartner, the technology trends observer, by 2020, the average person will be likely having more conversations with chatbots rather than their spouses. This is one of the examples that shows us that inevitably. The digital disruption has moved our ‘old’ world into a more-advanced world where people will be inundated with virtual communications.

However, it is important for us to grasp the value of digital disruption and therefore. Businesses which can catch the opportunity may grow through innovating themselves around this disruption.  Digital disruption has been known to have transformed the definition of businesses in markets and industries especially in this very recent century.  The impact of Artificial Intelligence is not a joke or just a mild forecast;, by 2035, it is predicted that in AI will raise economic growth in 12 developed countries up to twice the current growth while  effecting labor productivity to increase up to 40 percent.

As undoubtedly as this prediction is, another fact revealed that nine out of ten consumers prefer messaging to be used in when engaging with businesses.  Now, after telephone has lost its role as the predominant support in customer service, mobile applications, social media and websites are shifting their game and this leads us to consider more about chatbots.

Is your chat AI powered?

While you may be not fully-aware about the differences between the technology now and before. It is true that the concept of bots is not literally new. Since we have already started using it for a few decades already. Simply put, AI bots are more sophisticated because it integrates the decision making-system based on past experiences and therefore it has such an excellent learning capability, just like human beings.

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The difference between Artificial Intelligence chatbots and scripted chatbots is based on its intelligence. Since scripted chatbots only follow the guidelines rigidly, it cannot answer more complicated questions. There are only a limited number of answer options that you can choose from. Artificial Intelligence chatbots are more than that. AI bots are built from Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). When Supported by AI systems with these two, it can understand and interpret the command, and even empower other sources to gain information.

AI chatbots can transform customer experience and engagement

In the future, it is very plausible that customer service will be replaced with AI systems. Because it is more convenient that way. With AI, customer service support are available 24/7 and will not make customers wait. Even more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. While in itself has no personal feelings, can understand how customers are feeling and will know how to respond it. In this way, they will not get frustrated by customers unlike a human customer service agent .  Furthermore, based on Kemal El Moujahid, the lead product manager for Messenger Platform and M at Facebook, chatbots are promising due to its personalization at scale. This means that AI can solve the customer’s concerns quickly with the data that they have gained so far about the customers.

More than that, AI offers us pre-emptive actions which means AI has the ability to solve issues before they happen. AI monitors an enormous (if we cannot say infinite) amount of websites and distress indicators. So AI can identify issues and give real-time support to consumers. It is promising since it will increase the customer retention in sales and at the same time boost consumer satisfaction.

How Qiscus can help you

Take a look at Ruangguru, Telco and Halodoc. These successful businesses need more stable performance as they grow. And Qiscus is here to empower them by increasing customer engagement and thus, gaining customer support. With all of the things that we have mentioned above. If you are part of a business and want to automate your business with chatbots. Qiscus can provide you with the solution. Drop us a note at www.qiscus.com or you can read our white paper and see what we can offer for you.


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