Qiscus Robolabs

Qiscus Robolabs is an add-on platform from Qiscus Multichannel Chat, which functions as an integrator between the bot engine and the Qiscus Multichannel Chat dashboard. Qiscus Robolabs makes it easy for businesses to create their own chatbots, which are then automatically integrated with their Multichannel Chat accounts. As of today, Qiscus Robolabs has been integrated with Google’s NLP platform, namely Dialogflow. In the future, there are plans to improve Qiscus Robolabs to be compatible with other bot engines as well.

There are many features within Qiscus Robolabs that can undoubtedly support your business needs, especially in amplifying the effectiveness and efficiency of Customer Service (CS). These features include:

  • Bot templates → With this feature, businesses will be able to use and download several templates that are already provided in Excel format. The template files can be changed as needed and uploaded again without coding
  • Handover agent → This is a feature that functions to create a conversation route from bot to a human agent so that the user can determine which intent or conversation can be forwarded to the human agent
  • Training bots → This is a feature that functions to train bots. For example, if there is a conversation context that does not match the bot’s response, the user can change the context of the conversation into a suitable context. The system will then automatically train the bot with the latest context.
  • Integrate with External Webhook → This feature allows the user to integrate their system via a webhook with Qiscus Robolabs.
  • Analytics → One of the most essential features needed by businesses. With this feature, businesses will be able to review chatbot usage metrics, such as the number of conversations the bot can handle and which conversations have been forwarded to human agents.

Accessing Qiscus Robolabs

  1. Subscribe to the Qiscus Robolabs plan

To be able to access this add-on platform, make sure you have subscribed to the Qiscus Robolabs plan first. You can contact the Account Manager or the relevant team to communicate your needs. Alternatively, you can connect with the Qiscus business team via WhatsApp or at this page.

  1. Access Qiscus Robolabs on the Qiscus Multichannel Chat Dashboard
  • Open your Multichannel Chat account via the page multichannel.qiscus.com
  • Click the Robolabs icon on the sidebar menu. This page will appear if the user has subscribed to the Qiscus Robolabs plan.

3. Display of Qiscus Robolabs

After successfully logging onto the Qiscus Robolabs platform, users will find the Manage Project page. On this page, users will be able to view all the projects that have been created.


In the Activate section, users can turn on the bot by activating the button. Select which project to start, then drag the circle on the button.


In addition, users can also edit the project in Action. There are four buttons in the Action panel, namely:

  • Test Bot
    • Users re able to test or preview the final result of the bots they have created by having a conversation on this page
  • Analytics
    • Users will be able to view the performance of the bot on this page
  • Edit projects
    • Users can reset their bot profiles through this button
  • Delete project
    • Users can delete their bot project in this button

To create a bot project, users must integrate with Dialogflow in the Bot Integration menu. Select this menu to start a new bot project.


4. Integration with Google Dialogflow

The first thing to do after logging into Qiscus Robolabs is to integrate with Dialogflow. In the integration process, the user will enter several Google Dialogflow account credentials into Qiscus Robolabs. There are several requirements from Dialogflow that need to be included in Qiscus Robolabs, which include:

  • Service account private key file
  • Default Language
  • Google Project ID

5. Robolabs Features

Once integrated with the bot project in Dialogflow, users can use some of these features by selecting them in the menu bar in Qiscus Robolabs. For now, four features can be used in Qiscus Robolabs:

  • Handover Agent
  • Bot Templates
  • Training bots
  • Manage Intents
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