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Receiving optimal health services is a must for every individual. The quality and productivity of human resources starts from a high level of public health within any country. According to The Legatum Prosperity Index 2020 report, the health quality index in Indonesia ranks quite low, placing 97th out of a total of 167 countries. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has afflicted nearly 1.5 million people in Indonesia, also affects the quality of public health and increases the number of hospital patients exponentially. WeCare.id, as a startup crowdfunding service in Indonesia, is one of those at the frontlines facilitating the provision of donations for health services at every level of society, during the pandemic and even before.

WeCare.id’s Journey in Improving Public Health Services

WeCare.id is a non-profit organization set up specifically to raise healthcare funds for those who are financially deprived, including those living in areas which have limited accessibility and are not yet under the Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (BPJS) or whose membership is no longer active. Established since 2015, WeCare.id has facilitated thousands of donors to donate nearly Rp.70 billion to thousands of patients in need in Indonesia to date.

Until today, the process of receiving and giving donations at WeCare.id continues to grow. At the beginning, WeCare.id collaborated with medical offices and hospitals to connect potential donors with patients. Presently, WeCare.id has set up a platform which can digitally bring recipients and donors together in one place.

The existence of this platform certainly expands WeCare.id’s reach to continue being a facility for donors and donation recipients. Even though the transaction occurs digitally, the selection process for donation recipients is still carried out strictly and under the supervision of the verification team from WeCare.id. This selection process aims to to keep all donations made through WeCare.id still reach its target beneficiaries.

WeCare.id has facilitated various financial assistance for the public in the medical world, such as surgery expenses, chemotherapy, child birth, funding of drugs and medication, funeral funds, and transportation costs. WeCare.id also maintains a transparent channel on their website to account the donation fund to public and donors.

Supported by BPJS Kesehatan to Optimize the Crowdfunding Program

Over the past two years, WeCare.id has also helped many underprivileged people to pay their BPJS Kesehatan dues through crowdfunding programs. This was finally supported by BPJS Kesehatan itself. On 26th March 2021, BPJS Kesehatan officially collaborated with WeCare.id to optimize the donation feature on the BPJS’ website and the WeCare.id application. This donation feature helps to maximize the crowdfunding program for BPJS Kesehatan fund payments for underprivileged individuals.

The crowdfunding program is an innovative alternative in funding the JKN-KIS program. This program is specifically able to help underprivileged JKN-KIS participants in paying their membership dues. Through this crowdfunding program, it is hoped that the coverage of JKN-KIS recipients in Indonesia can increase. The more funds collected, more people will certainly feel the positive impact.

It is known that the JKN-KIS crowdfunding program has high interest by the public. Up till 31st December 2020, the amount of funds received through crowdfunding BPJS Kesehatan has reached Rp. 1.329 billion, which has been distributed to 3,784 JKN-KIS participants. To make it easier for people who want to donate, BPJS Kesehatan and WeCare.id provide very easy payment methods, one of which is through bank transfers.

Gigih Septianto, as the founder and CEO of WeCare.id, also revealed that with this mutual cooperation, he hopes that the coverage of active BPJS participation will be stronger and that there will no longer be people who cannot access health services optimally.

WeCare.id Patient Stories

After all this time which WeCare.id has been present in Indonesia, many touching stories have emerged. One such story is of a baby named Miracle. Since she was born, Miracle was diagnosed with a rare disease called Hiperplasia Adrenal Kongenital (HAK). The existence of this disease required Miracle to regularly come to the hospital and continue to take medication. Until now, the drug to treat HAK’s still very rare in Indonesia. Her father’s financial condition, working as an online taxi driver, certainly makes Miracle’s treatment process burdensome for him due to its high costs.

Another story is about Al-Fatih, a carpenter’s son diagnosed with Jeune (asphyxiating thoraxic disorder), which is a rare disease with an incidence rate 1:500.000. Because of this disease, Fatih had to be admitted to the Perinatal Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for days and had to use a ventilator. The doctor suggested that Fatih use a home ventilator to maintain his condition. Unfortunately, this cannot be fulfilled due to limited costs.

To help Fatih complete the treatment process, WeCare.id eventually opened donation drives for Miracle and Fatih. Since the start of the donation drives, Fatih has received funds amounting to Rp. 23,513,469 from 143 donors while Miracle has received Rp. 33,207,680- from 204 donors. The amount of donations received are certainly helpful for Miracle’s and Fatih’s treatments.

You can also read more inspirational stories from WeCare.id on the following page.

WeCare.id Role in Fighting COVID-19

Apart from being a facilitator in raising health donations, the existence of the COVID-19 pandemic also motivated WeCare.id to become facilitators in collecting crucial medical equipments and accessories such as the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). One such campaign was entitled #APDuntuknegeri and was used to provide PPEs for hospitals. Anyone can become a donor with a minimum donation of only one thousand rupiah. This campaign has also seen success due to influencers and and well-known Indonesian companies who share the same vision and supported the campaign. To date, this campaign has garnered a total of Rp. 11,387,802,339 from 3984 donors.

WeCare.id also facilitated the distribution of 160 tonnes of COVID-19 PPE provided by the Singapore Government. The PPE COVID-19 donations consisted of 2,000,000 medical masks and 280,360 bottles of hand sanitizers. The large number of PPE donations has led to WeCare.id turning its office into a receiving and distributing centre for PPEs for the whole country. All PPE donations will be distributed to various provinces in Indonesia throughout 2021 with transparency data that can be seen here.

Not only that, for its consistency against COVID-19, WeCare.id also received an appreciation award from Barack Obama, US’ former President, through the He Leaders Forum: Asia Pacific Cohort in December last year. Mr Obama United States has expressed his praise on the efforts to raise funds for medical personnel’s PPE.

WeCare.id Makes Healthcare Accessible to All

Receiving adequate medical care is a right for all people without exception. Therefore, it is important for all stakeholders to always work together for the sake of perfection and equality of health services for every level of society. WeCare.id is here to be a facilitator to realize this ideal, not only during the COVID-19 pandemic but also under all conditions.

WeCare.id continues to strive in providing the best service for recipients and donors by providing convenience in the process of receiving and distributing donations digitally.

But apart from this, WeCare.id is aware that customer support services are also important things that must be considered to facilitate the communication process between WeCare.id, donors, and potential donation recipients.

WeCare.id has collaborated with Qiscus through Qiscus Multichannel Chat, which can integrate various communication channels into one dashboard, and the WhatsApp Business API as an additional customer support channel. These two solutions make WeCare.id easier for donors, donation recipients, and potential donation recipients to use, and to be the right solutions for WeCare.id, which has a limited number of personnel to respond the thousands of incoming messages every day.

Discuss with us to find out what solutions are most relevant to your current business needs and let us help you just like how we have helped WeCare.id.

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