6 Things to Look Out For Before Using the Messenger API for Instagram for Your Business

Messenger API for Instagram

People increasingly want to connect with brands on the platforms they use the most, including on Instagram. If you ask whether you should use Instagram to serve your consumers, the answer is ‘Yes!’ This is supported by Instagram data which states that as many as 150 million users have conversations with businesses every month.

In June 2021, Instagram released its Messenger API for Instagram, a new development which helps businesses to create meaningful and efficient conversations with consumers. Messenger API for Instagram also allows businesses to integrate Instagram Direct with multichannel. By doing so, businesses can allocate more customer service agents to manage their Instagram Direct business accounts.

Connect with Consumers Through Instagram Direct

It is estimated that close to 90% of Instagram users follow business accounts which means that the presence of brands on Instagram is meaningful for customers. This further reinforces the fact that Instagram is a significantly influential social platform which is advantageous for businesses.

The way a business demonstrates its commitment to consumers is by staying connected with them. Therefore, every message, comment, or reply from customers needs to be addressed or monitored by the business. Instagram offers various features to make this happen, one of which is Instagram Direct. This feature allows consumers to interact with brands privately and instantly.

It’s Easier to Connect with Consumers on Instagram

The release of the Messenger API for Instagram opens up more opportunities for businesses to interact with consumers to create a positive customer experience. Consumers certainly expect speedy response from businesses and if brands or companies are able to respond quickly to consumers, this creates a positive shopping experience aided by customer service, made better by Messenger API for Instagram.

This latest development by Instagram contains many features that can support businesses in interacting with their consumers. However, there are some policies in sending messages using the Messenger API for Instagram that users will need to take note of:

1.Sending Standard Messages

Businesses are able to send standard messages to consumers just like when using Instagram messaging in general. Content sent by businesses via this route can also be in the form of promotional content.

2. Message Tags

Like regular Instagram, the Messenger API for Instagram can be used to send messages to consumers using text, videos, photos, and more. However, the Messenger API for Instagram can also send notifications and updates to consumers beyond regular messaging window. These notifications can take the form of information about purchases, events or appointment reminders, promotional content such as discounts or coupons, and also allow consumers to send feedback on the quality of customer service.

3. One-time Notifications

With this policy, businesses can offer consumers one-time notifications or future notifications after the consumer gives approval for the brand to send notifications.

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4. Private Replies

This policy allows businesses to send private messages to consumers who reply to or leave comments on their posts. When using this feature, customers will receive a reference in the form of a link to a post or comment they wrote previously.

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5. News Messaging

With this policy, business accounts can send news bytes to their subscribers. This feature can only be used for accounts that have been registered on the Facebook News Page Index (NPI). Business accounts can only send messages in the form of news and not promotional content. However, because the pandemic is still ongoing, only selected non-governmental health organizations are able to activate this feature.

6. Sponsored Messages

Sponsored Messages allow businesses to deliver promotional content that directly targets consumers who have communicated with them on Messenger. When a business sends this message, it will be labeled “Sponsored” in the message body.

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Create Effective Communication with Consumers Using the Messenger API for Instagram

As a business owner, it’s essential to make it easy for consumers to stay connected to your business on Instagram. Managing direct messages in the Instagram app can be time-consuming and can impact delivering a positive and responsive customer experience.

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