Addressing Human Resources Problems with Technology

Human Resources (HR), as a department that deals predominantly with human activities and employees’ needs, is never lacking in problems. As well as overall management of all the people in the office, HR has the obligation to ensure every employee’s personal rights are protected fairly. There is no room for slow and inaccurate service, as that can cause bigger problems.

Highlighting the HR problem in Indonesia

According to BSC, Indonesia is experiencing at least ten major challenges in the HR arena. The top four challenges are management change, leadership development, measuring HR effectiveness, and organizational effectiveness. The last two issues are mainly concerned with how to make the business process effective and efficient.

LinkedIn also highlights that employee involvement will increase their sense of belonging. If employees feel that they are involved in many company activities and policy, and feel that they are able to voice their opinions freely, they will feel they belong. One of the best ways to increase employee involvement is to provide a space for them to articulate their criticisms, complaints, and ideas.

Forbes also mentioned that relationships between employees are vital, therefore encouraging camaraderie is good for business efficiency. If the company can foster better social interaction between workers it makes for a more stable and positive working environment. This relationship issue can extend the interactions between the company and their workers, poor communication means poor performance.

Recruitment has always been one of the main functions of HR. However, some companies may find recruiting appropriate candidates is not as easy as it appears to be. If the recruitment system is not seamless and user-friendly, then candidates will feel that they are wasting their time, ergo many of them will give up. Not only that, the communication between HR team and applicant should be smooth to ensure the credible and trusted information, avoiding fraud and misuse from any unwanted third-party.

While HR management is still experiencing many problems, it can also be seen as an opportunity. According to Forrester, globally, the market for HR management solution is still vast and prosperous. Surprisingly, this market can be valued at up to 10 billion dollars and is expected to rise consistently by about 8% each year. Even in Indonesia, HR management market can be considered a prosperous opportunity as its value is up to 400 million dollars per year.

One of the dominant figures in the Indonesian HR management solution market is Talenta, an Indonesian startup company who runs in Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service). They have a noble goal to provide an answer to problems above. With their cloud-based application, the HR process management can be operated in a seamless and cheap way. Talenta help their clients to manage their employee data and files, time-off and over time, and most importantly: payroll.

Digital disruption is not only affecting business but also people

We often see digital disruption at the business level, as in how companies should serve and engage their customers virtually. However, the digital lifestyle is widely applicable in many other areas, including the employee working environment. Live-chat, nowadays, is entering the mainstream, as everyone and everything are now going real-time. This fast-paced mean of communication promises convenience and intelligence, with the ability to do things self-servicely, useful not only for engaging customer but also smoothen a company’s business process.

Practically, a live-chat system can be a useful tool for HR, as it can enhance the process to monitor the employees. Furthermore, chat system can also be used to maintain the relationship between a company and its employees, between co-workers, or between bosses and their subordinates. For instance, the bosses can give feedback or tasks via chat, giving insights via timeline status and such. Meanwhile, the employees can share knowledge, asking work-related question or discussing idea using the same method.

This will make the employees perform better and socialize with each other. However, this idea is not without risk, as if the company already use existing social media (run by other companies), then the data within will not be entirely safe. Thus, developing your own app with the capabilities to connect your internal team is the best answer, as your business can control and keep the data by itself.

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In recognition of this risk, Talenta also provides a chat system in their service package. However, while chat system is within their concern, their main service still lies in payroll service and other administrative purposes, such as recruitment tracking, attendance management, employee database, and many other features, all in one cloud-based software.

Introducing high-tech HR process

Currently, Talenta has highly focused their energy on payroll services, as in Indonesia, dealing with PPh 21 tax, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan assurance, and such is complicated. Once integrated with the banking system, the payroll process can be done swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, Talenta also provides services such as employee personal information management and annual leave.

However, as complete as Talenta’s service can be, currently, they are unable to perform all the work required in-house, thus they had to engage outside resources. Chat may be an important function for HR management but it is not their main focus or area of expertise, and as Talenta is primarily concerned with improving their payroll service.

For instance, Talenta partnered with Qiscus, implementing real-time communication in their application, enabling Talenta’s clients to engage in a live-chat between its employees. This will enable the employees to have better engagement with the company, their bosses, and their peers. In addition, they can lighten their developer’s work, as the supporting features such as chat are handled by a trusted third party.

With Qiscus technology, companies can have their live-chat system, along with various other features, without the need to make one themselves from scratch. Qiscus Chat SDK offers the full package, from back-end to front-end UI, thus clients don’t need to worry as they can modify and customize the UI in whatever way they want. Qiscus makes sure that their SDK is customizable and extendable, if you are interested in learning more, you can always drop a note to [email protected].

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