Basic “Attachment” Features in Qiscus Chat SDK

Qiscus Chat SDK

Qiscus Chat SDK offers lots of features and easiness on integrating user to user in-app chat feature into your apps. You can just simply add Qiscus.buildChatWith(“”) and it will automatically display the whole chat UI and functionalities of chatting application inside your app.

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Chat UI and functionalities

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Qiscus Chat SDK basic features

The UI and functionalities that you will have will match with other chatting applications in the market like Whatsapp, Messenger, or Line. Qiscus Chat SDK also already offers some “basic features” for attaching data in your messaging part of your application. These basic features are:

  • Share Picture from Camera
    We can access this through attachment button on the left bottom of the screen, you can find camera icon. By clicking this icon, you will be able to take a picture and then send the picture as a message to other users.
  • Share Image from Gallery
    You can also share images from your Gallery by clicking Gallery icon from the same attachment menu.
  • Share Files
    Besides normal media files like pictures, Qiscus Chat SDK also able to be used to share other type of files like .pdf, .doc, and .xlx.
  • Share Voice Recording
    Major messaging application nowadays supporting Voice Recording functionalities, same goes with Qiscus Chat SDK, we provide this feature built-in inside our Chat SDK. You can simply click the Record voice menu and then you will be able to record voice and send it to other users.
  • Share Contacts
    This feature gives easiness on sharing contact directly from the app. So that user does not need to copy and paste the phone number manually from their contact address.
  • Share Locations
    To use this feature, you need to do some customizations inside your app. This feature let you share the location user to other users easily.

Those features above you can quickly have by integrating Qiscus Chat SDK inside your project. Imagine how long it will take if you need to do those features from scratch? 😀

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