What if Elon Musk Was Wrong about AI?

It is crystal clear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already within us. We are surrounded by smart machines which have amazing capabilities to self-learn such as Siri, Uber and Netflix. The impact of Artificial Intelligence is inevitable; it fills our daily lives, without having to mention that this phenomena might be disruptive in the future. What happens in the present day is the mirror of the future, and that’s maybe what made Elon Musk—one of the most powerful persons in the world, based on Forbes in December 2016 — as being critical of AI and its possible risks to humanity. Responding to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said that the first global leader in AI would “become the ruler of the world”, Elon Musk has warned about AI, saying that it could be the cause of a third world war.

Nevertheless, is everything that Elon Musk said true?

It is undeniable that businesses have found success and increased engagement through AI-powered chatbots. As a country that is expanding the most in terms of economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has become very adaptable to the changes in social media and that’s what makes Indonesia seems to have enormous potential to advance its businesses with engagement via chatbots .

Despite people’s awareness of the risks of Artificial Intelligence, it is undeniable that AI can be used for beneficial things. Elon Musk has said that there might be a time in the future where “people (will) see robots going down the street killing people (as) they don’t know how to react”. This might be an overblown matter despite AI having its own sets of risks. After all, rather than worrying about AI’s takeover, the real risk is that we cannot trust them in the smart system we are developing.  As we put a lot of data that might be imperfect for AI to process, it is highly likely that the decision-making by AI could be faulty. That is why we still need to develop AI and not rely on it solely.

But, what if Artificial Intelligence is really beneficial for the universe? In businesses, which is rooted in maths and data in order to function, tapping into AI can make it work for businesses. Here are some of the things AI can do for us:

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  • Troubleshooting

In business, Artificial Intelligence is applied in technical and troubleshooting support. Embedded with basic artificial intelligence, every time a user asks for help (for instance “When I try to open the application, I get an error message). AI analyzes and finds the suggestion that is most relevant to the problem the user has. A more advanced technology of AI may create its own database and thus. Develop patterns that can be used to identify new issues.

  • Social Media

Based on data perceived from users’ social media activities, an AI bot can begin to understand which updates are the most prefered of all and which generate the most attention when it is shared.

  • Stock Management

Artificial Intelligence in retail has shown a huge potential as business inventory management is time-consuming. Therefore, most retailers run items through an electronic system to make it more accurate in analyzing stock levels. From identifying buying trends to understanding and identifying patterns when certain stock sells out. Which is useful information for retailers to plan their next move.

  • AI impacts customer interactions and brand engagement

Artificial Intelligence bots have become a common way to boost business interactions with consumers. In the past, brands developed applications which took off as a way to engage with their users. But now, creating good content in brand apps is such a troublesome process as it is hard to keep updated; brand apps have now ceased to function.  

These days, with AI chatbots, businesses see this opportunity to become more engaged with their consumers because they are well-aware of the fact that most consumers are present online throughout the day. Right from the beginning, a chatbot is purposed to give a more human-like. Presence that allows consumers to have a more personalized experience. So that they can easily figure out what they need to purchase and how to go about doing it easily. The stacked data during the period of their conversations is thus crucial and useful for companies. It gives fast and accurate analyses about consumer behaviour.

Our humble advice: if you are a part of a business and need some help in meeting some of your business demands, AI chatbots might be a good solution. Talk to us at [email protected] and see what AI-powered solutions we can offer for your business.


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