WhatsApp API: Help your Customers Consider your Business

WhatsApp has proven to be a powerful tool for business, especially with its reach in the form of billions of users worldwide. WhatsApp Business API, specifically, has a positive impact on the consideration stage of your customer journey.

Attracting the Customer

When a customer becomes aware of the existence of a brand or product, they often begin to look deeper towards the company to start digging for more information. Based on studies conducted by Mine What, 81% of customers will conduct research before buying a product, especially in the Business-to-Customer (B2C) sector. For Business-to-Business sector (B2B), the number is higher at 94%. This shows how important it is for a brand to be prepared and open to providing key information about its products or services to potential customers.

In this today’s fast-paced era, potential consumers no longer just rely on pamphlets and the Internet to find information; they also want to be able to interact directly with companies to enquire about both the product and the brand itself. In fact, results from the research by Sentient Decision Science found that 84% of consumers will directly ask questions through business social messaging applications before deciding to purchase a product or service. The role of social messaging applications such as WhatsApp cannot be separated in the buying journey. This becomes a challenge as well as an opportunity for businesses to become more proactive in attracting the interest of potential buyers.

The Demand of Fast-Response Behavior from Customers

Today’s customers don’t want to wait long to get a response from businesses. Quoting an article released by TechCrunch, 9 out of 10 consumers admitted that they would be very happy if they could interact quickly with companies through social messaging applications such as WhatsApp. Therefore, companies must pay attention to this demand of customers. In addition, Zogby Analytics also stated that at least 60% of consumers will start to question the quality of customer service from the business when they do not get a reply after more than 24 hours.

Therefore, it is very important for a company to be able to maximize the conversational experience for their potential customers by providing a fast response and precise replies. It is precisely for this reason that WhatsApp Business API can help you achieve and fulfill the desires of your potential customers.

Incorporating WhatsApp Business API in your Customers’ Journey

As the application with the most number of users and the most popular in the world, it is inevitable that WhatsApp, as a social messaging application, provides a huge opportunity for companies to be able to reap more consumers. Especially in Indonesia, where 84% of Internet users in the age range of 16 to 64 years use WhatsApp to communicate on a daily basis for a significant proportion of their time.

However, how can your company take advantage of these opportunities that have already existed to increase the purchase rates of your products?

This is where integrating WhatsApp Business API can help to boost consumers’ consideration during the buying experience.

Below are some ways for your company to be able to upgrade its strategy for consumers at the consideration stage to a higher level with the use of WhatsApp Business API:

  • Develop a Good Impression

Implementing the WhatsApp Business API will allow the use of the chatbot feature where potential customers will have the benefit of a personalized shopping experience with quick responses from the seller, making them feel served right from the start. For messages sent outside working hours, the auto-responder feature of the chat will always be ready to provide a reply.

  • Ensure that Customer are Connected with an Agent

In addition, the WhatsApp Business API will ensure that potential customers can connect directly with agents who can respond to them with information. The Agent Allocation feature will allow you to expand your customer service team without any agent limits and you will have the freedom to allocate your team.

  • Adapt to your Customers’ Preferences

Every consumer has his or her own preferences of social messaging applications. With this, businesses need to adjust to and suit their customers’ choices. WhatsApp Business API can be integrated with various social messaging channels on one customized dashboard via Multichannel Chat. Therefore, your agents can freely respond to potential customers regardless of which channel they enquired from.

Are you Ready for This?

It is time for you to get closer to your potential customers by using the WhatsApp API as a valuable shortcut to grow your business. To find out more, contact us for more information regarding WhatsApp Business API.

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