ElsheSkin: Integrate Your Channels for Better Customer Experience


It is undeniable that the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on the beauty industry, which is known to be one of the fastest-growing industries during the pandemic. The development of the beauty industry in Indonesia has been felt since 2018. Since then, local beauty brands have mushroomed exponentially. The Association of Indonesian Cosmetics Companies and Associations (PPAK Indonesia) projects that the growth of the beauty industry this year will increase by 7%.

As the beauty industry develops in Indonesia, more and more brands are trying to improve their product quality and service performance to satisfy consumers, including ElsheSkin. Known as a local brand, ElsheSkin offers cosmetic and skincare products for all types of skin problems. However, it doesn’t stop there; ElsheSkin is also committed to providing the best service to all its customers because, for ElsheSkin, customer satisfaction tops the cake.

ElsheSkin, from Yogyakarta to International

Carrying the slogan “Healthy Skin, Beautiful Skin,” ElsheSkin is one of the pioneers of cosmetic and skincare brands established in 2014 in Yogyakarta. ElsheSkin has the vision to create products of international standards which comes guaranteed in terms of quality and safety.

This is evidenced by the fact that ElsheSkin has obtained a BPOM and Halal certification – the quality of ElsheSkin’s products is unquestionable. ElsheSkin always develops its products through rigorous research and innovation. This way, ElsheSkin is increasingly determined to create quality new products for the global community.

Not only that, ElsheSkin is also committed to providing the best service for its customers. For ElsheSkin, customer experience is everything. ElsheSkin continues to accompany its consumers on their skincare journey even after they have purchased products. ElsheSkin provides consulting services and assists consumers during the use of their products. This is done to ensure that consumers are well educated about the benefits and ingredients contained in ElsheSkin’s products.

ElsheSkin believes that creating quality products and providing positive customer experiences for consumers will increase the trust and pride of Indonesians towards local brands.

Prioritise Consumer Needs for the Best Customer Experience

When it first launched its product, ElsheSkin brought the value of always providing the best service for its customers.

ElsheSkin understands that it is crucial to have healthy facial skin. Therefore, facial skin needs special care. However, ElsheSkin also understands that providing a positive customer experience is equally important. They believe that creating a positive customer experience, consumer confidence in its brand will increase. This is why ElsheSkin always strives to provide consultation and mentoring services.

ElsheSkin’s journey in providing a positive customer experience began in 2017 when ElsheSkin was directed to increase communication channels. As the company grows, ElsheSkin increasingly expands and diversifies its communication channels to stay connected with its customers. At that time, ElsheSkin was still using many communication platforms to access reach out to customers, including on WhatsApp.

However, this is considered less effective and not as efficient because it requires more time to access it. ElsheSkin decided to find a solution to provide better customer response. ElsheSkin needed a solution to access all of its communication channels on one platform, thus saving more time and being accessible to multiple agents at once. They believe that with the centralization of communication channels owned by ElsheSkin, the customer experience it presented will be more memorable and meaningful for customers.

Grow Trust with Memorable Customer Experience

In responding to the challenge of providing excellent customer experiences, ElsheSkin decided turned to Qiscus as a multichannel service provider. Discovering Qiscus through a search engine, ElsheSkin entrusted Qiscus to help with implementing the provider’s Multichannel Chat service and WhatsApp Business API.

By utilizing the Qiscus Multichannel Chat service, ElsheSkin integrated all its communication channels onto a single location accessible by all its agents. This service allows ElsheSkin to access all its communication channels efficiently through a single dashboard. This convenience saved ElsheSkin time in serving its customers by increasing its response-time.

In addition, ElsheSkin also switched from a regular WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Business API, which is able to be integrated into Qiscus Multichannel Chat. This switch allowed ElsheSkin’s WhatsApp account to be used simultaneously by all available agents at any one time. The use of Qiscus Multichannel Chat certainly greatly facilitated the communication flow between ElsheSkin and its consumers.

With the solutions provided by Qiscus, it became easier for ElsheSkin to develop more intimate relationships with its customers. In addition, the solutions saved time and cut extra costs for ElsheSkin.

Create a Positive Customer Experience with Qiscus

For ElsheSkin, increasing public awareness of the importance of having healthy skin is no less important than the customer experience of its consumers. Together with Qiscus, ElsheSkin is able to continue creating a positive customer experience for its consumers – but without the need for multiple devices. All of its communication channels can be conveniently accessed from a single dashboard which consisted of advanced features to better track performance and timely responses. To find out more about Qiscus Multichannel Chat and WhatsApp Business API, you can explore further here.

ElsheSkin is committed to providing the best service for its customers, and so is Qiscus, ever-ready to help brands with similar visions to achieve the same commitment. Follow ElsheSkin’s footsteps in improving a positive customer experience for consumers with Qiscus here.

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