Citranet: Increase Traffic by up to 3 Times with WhatsApp Business API

Increase Traffic by up to 3 Times with WhatsApp Business API
Increase traffic by up to 3 times with WhatsApp Business API.

Citranet is an Internet service provider company (ISP) located in Yogyakarta. Citranet as an enterprise focuses on providing Internet services for individuals and businesses.

During its 24 years of operations, Citranet has always been determined to provide the best form of customer service in terms of product quality and services to customers itself through the various Internet packages it offers. To date, Citranet services continues to be enjoyed from Yogyakarta, Semarang, Solo, Purwokerto, to Tegal.

The increasing number of customers has motivated CItranet to continue to maximize its customer service capabilities, especially in providing excellent after-sales services to all of its customers.

“Of course, we have to balance this with an increase in the quality of customer service, which customers now also demand to be fast, easy, and efficient,” said Fiki Setiawan, Head of Marketing Communication at Citranet.

Citranet’s Secret to Excellent Customer Service

As previously mentioned, Citranet prioritizes providing its services to the masses and always remaining within reach, while providing fast response to continue engaging positively with customers.

Initially, Citranet relied mostly on social media platforms to interact with its customers, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others to respond and meet its customers’ needs. The type of communication Citranet carries out with its customers does not only involve answering complaints but it also has to provide consultations on its products or after-sales services.

This strategy was also strengthened by the establishment of a solid Citranet internal team. Currently, there are three divisions whose function are to handle customers from the promotional stage, during sales and also provide after-sales services.

“For the divisions that deal directly with customers, both directly and digitally, there are the Sales, Marketing Communication, and Helpdesk / Customer Care divisions,” added Fiki.

Apart from activating social media as a communication channel, Citranet also implements a live chat function on its official website. The live chat also works not much differently from social media, as it focuses namely on product offers and after-sales service. However, gradually, the Citranet team found that services offered via live chat and social media began to become less effective.

To provide excellent customer service and remain close to customers, Citranet attempted to find the right communication channel as a solution. It wanted a solution that precisely helped it remain easily accessible to customers and yet, also widely used by both customers and Citranet’s internal teams.

The Start of Using WhatsApp Business API

After multiple searches, Citranet discovered WhatsApp as a communication channel that was able to support its live chats and social media platforms. They hoped that WhatsApp will make it easier for them to reply to customer queries and for customers to contact them, considering that WhatsApp has become a communication channel with the most active users in the world.

“We started an official WhatsApp number so that customers can be contacted more quickly,” explained Fiki.

Here, Citranet does not use regular WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business for communication needs with customers. With help from Qiscus, one of Indonesia’s most prominent WhatsApp Business API provider, Citranet then activated WhatsApp Business API as a form of effective and multichannel communication platform with its customers.

Choosing to use WhatsApp Business API is not without consideration. Fiki, as Citranet’s Head of Marketing Communication, said that WhatsApp Business API answered their need to still utilize the WhatsApp platform but access can be shared by an entire team of agents to respond to questions from customers.

In contrast to regular WhatsApp, where one WhatsApp Business account can only be accessed via two devices, this is not the case with WhatsApp Business API via Qiscus Omnichannel, which consists of a dashboard that can be accessed by dozens of devices according to the needs of the business.

Therefore, Citranet felt that WhatsApp Business API is the right tool to improve customer service. What’s more, they are also concerned about providing excellent after-sales service to customers.

Qiscus’ Omnichannel: Powerful Integration with WhatsApp Business API

Citranet has been using the Qiscus WhatsApp Business API since August 2021. This is the first time they have entrusted communication solutions with a third-party like Qiscus. Citranet sees that Qiscus solutions are able to meet their needs.

“Apart from that, it can also be used by many people simultaneously. This solves our current challenges where the number of subscribers increased rapidly and yet, we reach them more easily and systematically,” Fiki added.

Qiscus is an official WhatsApp API Provider in Indonesia. Become an official partner of WhatsApp to help provide business communication solutions to businesses such as Citranet and other businesses. Apart from the WhatsApp Business API, Qiscus also offers additional solutions in the form of easy integration with other applications to maximize the performance of business communications with customers.

Apart from that, the WhatsApp Business API from Qiscus has enhanced the performance of Citranet’s sales team. The ease of access via smartphones has accelerated their steps in responding to customer messages when team members are carrying out site visits or sales activities in the field.

“With Qiscus, which currently helps us communicate a lot with customers through a variety of existing features, it is also possible that in the future, there will be many other interesting feature developments to match our company’s needs. Qiscus’ (integration with) WhatsApp Business API covers all the communication needs of the sales team, throughout the selling process right to closing,” — Hanandita Ayu, Account Executive at Citranet.

The message distribution process is also carried out automatically depending on customers’ needs. If it is a complaint, it will be directed to the Customer Care division. If related to product sales, it will be automatically directed to the sales team so that Citranet can response immediately to customer messages.

Citranet acknowledged that this increased response time has succeeded in increasing traffic and customer satisfaction, without compromising on customer experience.

“Since (we started) using Qiscus, we can say that daily chat traffic can increase threefold than before because we are more focused and responsive in replying to messages from customers.” — Fiki Setiawan, Head of Marketing Communication at Citranet.

The increase in revenue has also positively impacted Citranet, making the brand’s profits continue to grow along with customer service, strengthened continuously by WhatsApp Business API.

“We are satisfied with the service provided by Qiscus as it has an impact on customer satisfaction. We recommend using Qiscus for our other similar companies as well as other businesses,” concluded Fiki.

Excellent Customer Service with Qiscus

Citranet is proof that customer service is an essential aspect of expanding a business. Choosing WhatsApp Business API as a tool to communicate with customers is the right decision. Moreover, the conveniences of accessing the Qiscus’ mobile omnichannel dashboard during fieldwork can also be a consideration for businesses like Citranet to implement Qiscus solutions.

Want to benefit from solutions similar to Citranet’s? Consult Qiscus here!

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