Win over your customers on their primary channel, WhatsApp

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users - is your customer one of them? Let’s engage and build a deeper interaction with your customers through the official WhatsApp Business API


Handle thousands and millions of customers' message with ChatBot and Dashboard in multiple devices.


Flexible API for your IT system for all of your needs like CRM, Bot, Reminder system.


Features and service to complement WhatsApp like Auto Responder, Agent Routing, Custom Integration and Apps Center.


Improve confidence with greentick verification, server uptime and automaton.

Trusted by Top Board Industries

and many others...

Our features and benefits will amaze you

Multiple Implementations of the WhatsApp Business API

Growth your system by integrating WhatsApp API only

Deliver rich template messages to your customers through WhatsApp Business API

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    Build your own chatbot or smart autoreply messages

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    Send OTP securely and in real-time to customers

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    Rich real-time notifications (e.g. product order, shipment update, payment confirmation)

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    Various automatic updates (e.g. newsletters, product update, etc)

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    Personalized recommendations

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    ... and more

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Get your WhatsApp Business API account in just a few minutes!

Get your WhatsApp Business API through the Embedded Sign-Up feature, officially supported by Facebook

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Thomas Wijayanto
Head of Technology, Honda Sales Operation

Hanny Winarti
Asst. Manager Customer Contact Center, Sompo Insurance

Yulia Anggiarini
Head of CS, Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia

Herjuna Dony Anggara Putra
Co Founder & CMO, Vutura

CRM Manager, Kino Indonesia

Terry Djony
Founder & CEO Chatbiz

We’ll help you handle all these steps:

  • Step 1

    Creating Facebook Business Manager account

  • Step 2

    Connecting your Business Manager account to Qiscus

  • Step 3

    Verify your Facebook Business Manager account

  • Step 4

    Verify your registered phone number through an OTP

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