Geoff Max: Managing 7 Instagram Accounts Simultaneously on 1 Dashboard

Geoff Max is a local brand originating from Bandung and has more than a few hundred thousand consumers from home and abroad. Instagram is one of the channels it uses to engage with its followers and to promote its products, which also doubles as a customer service channel.

Receiving hundreds of messages on Instagram every day from seven Instagram accounts it owns drove Geoff Max to find out a relevant solution to manage all its Instagram DM simultaneously in a timely manner. Previously, Geoff Max implemented Qiscus Multichannel Chat to integrate various communication channels into a single dashboard.

Check out this article to learn more about how the Messenger API for Instagram has made significant impact on how Geoff Max manages its seven Instagram accounts.

Geoff Max”: Local brand from Bandung with 1.3M followers on Instagram

Geoff Max is a local brand from Bandung that has been around for 9 years. Currently, Geoff Max owns seven flagship stores located in Bandung, Bogor, Jakarta, Bekasi, Garut, Tangerang, and Tasikmalaya. Geoff Max also collaborates with more than 30 authorized stores spread across various regions in Indonesia to market its products.

Geoff Max’s main product is shoes. However with various innovations, Geoff Max has also diversified into producing clothes, watches, outerwear, as well as accessories.

Since its inception in 2012, Geoff Max has always used Instagram as one of its business channels. By consistently uploading content and regularly opening up space for interaction with its followers, Geoff Max’s Instagram followers have now reached 1.3 million. Its Instagram account is also a verified account since 2 years ago. This certainly indicates that Geoff Max’s Instagram account has been validated by Instagram as its official Instagram account.

Hiring Customer Service Agents Just for Instagram

Having a huge number of followers and coupled with interesting content have led to Geoff Max receiving massive numbers of incoming messages on Instagram every day, with a minimum number of 100 to 150 messages. These are not a small numbers. These figures will also increase exponentially every time Geoff Max conducts an Instagram campaign. This can happen when it collaborates with multiple influencers or produces attractive, thematic content.

Apart from its main Instagram account, Geoff Max also has six other Instagram accounts used for the business. With endless activities on all of its Instagram account, Geoff Max has hired dedicated agents to manage customer queries via Instagram. Two agents are active on regular days while three agents are activated during peak seasons.

With many Instagram accounts to manage as well as a limited number of agents, Geoff Max admits that they have encountered various difficulties. Among them are customers having to experience long response times, difficulty in accessing multiple Instagram accounts, and the absence of accurate data related to agent performance and customer service on Instagram. This led to Geoff Max wanting to find the right solution.

Having previously experienced various benefits from using Qiscus Multichannel Chat, as well as understanding the benefits of Messenger API for Instagram as shared by Qiscus, Geoff Max trusted Qiscus once again to integrate all its Instagram accounts into its Qiscus Multichannel Chat account with the implementation of Messenger API for Instagram.

After WhatsApp Business API, Qiscus now provides Messenger API for Instagram for Geoff Max

Since Qiscus Multichannel Chat can be integrated with Instagram accounts via the Messenger API for Instagram, Geoff Max believes that it is the right solution for Geoff Max’s business needs.

By using the Messenger API for Instagram, Geoff Max is able to integrate all of its Instagram accounts into Qiscus Multichannel Chat, which means that all of its Instagram accounts can now be accessed from one single dashboard. This also means that its agents no longer have to open up multiple browsers or devices to access all of its Instagram accounts.

The ease of accessing Instagram accounts has positive impact on increasing response time, and will also minimize complaints from followers due to slow responses. Furthermore, Geoff Max can now receive orders from Instagram since all of its incoming messages can now be recorded properly without missing out on orders or messages.

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If Geoff Max previously did not have accurate data on its agent response time, performance, or other data related to its customer service team on Instagram, Geoff Max can now analyze all these data on its Analytics feature on Qiscus Multichannel Chat. Also, with the new Tags feature in Qiscus Multichannel Chat, Geoff Max is now able to categorize multiple messages on Instagram, such as grouping messages based on types such as complaints, product questions and so on.

The brand’s use of various Qiscus’ solutions has been proven to have multiple significant impact on both consumers and internally within Geoff Max’s team.

One positive impact is the reduction in Man Power Planning (MPP) Cost by 50%, which was previously allocated to PCs or laptops meant for agents to access multiple Instagram and WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. Geoff Max also acknowledged that potential sales doubled through social messaging compared to before.

Reduce Cost & Increase Potential sales like Geoff Max, with Qiscus

What Geoff Max has experienced validates how the quality of customer service affects manpower costing, operational costs and potential sales. The more effective and advanced the communication tools are, the more benefits its brings to the sustainability of businesses.

Our solution accompanies our mission to help businesses meet customer expectations, resulting in high customer satisfaction rates and ever-increasing sales performance. Many retail businesses with various use cases have turned to Qiscus solutions due to the effectiveness and efficiency of our solutions. Just like Geoff Max, this opportunity is also available for your business. Visit this page to connect with our team today!

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