Morula IVF: Maximizing Communication Services to Improve Employee Productivity & Customer Experience

Employee productivity impacts the quality of any business and it is important that business owners understand and sustain this. As a fertility clinic that has been around for 24 years in Indonesia, Morula IVF also realizes the important of maintaining and improving employee productivity.

With the increment patients coming in to its clinics from year to year, Morula IVF emphasises on providing a positive and pleasant customer experience for its patients. Morula IVF has looked to various ways to increase its employee productivity because it inevitably impacts customer experience, something that the fertility clinic highly values.

Morula IVF’s Story

Morula IVF is one of the largest fertility clinic in Indonesia, founded in 1997 as a part of the Bundamedik Healthcare System. As time passes, Morula IVF began to see rapid growth in its number of patients, with an average of 30% increase every year. The increasing demands of fertility programs pushes Morula IVF to work on providing a memorable and pleasant customer experience for its patients.

The increment of the total number of patients definitely impacts Morula IVF in many ways, especially when it comes to customer service. Morula IVF receives a large and continuous stream of messages from patients and potentials with multiple needs, including patient administration. This became a concern for Morula IVF.

In fact, Morula IVF is highly aware about the impact of increased numbers of customer messages on both its employees and patients. On the part of employees, Morula IVF saw that they had to put in lots of effort to respond to all incoming messages, which they worry can interfere with their employees’ daily responsibilities. On the part of patients, Morula IVF realizes that patients had to wait for a very long time for a response from the clinic.

These concerns led Morula IVF to look for ways to improve its customer service processes and customer experience. One of its strategies is to enhance previously used communication channels, such as WhatsApp Business and Live Chat to include patient administration or registration processes. Besides, Morula IVF was also considering to use Facebook Messenger as another channel to communicate virtually with patients.

Unfortunately, using regular WhatsApp Business turned out to have various limitations, such as device limits, and features which are fairly basic for a busy brand. Furthermore, Morula IVF felt that its usage of WhatsApp Business, Live Chat, and Facebook Messenger lacked automation.

Maximize Communication Services with Qiscus

Based on the needs and urgency of Morula IVF, Qiscus has proposed two solutions which it considers as most relevant , namely Qiscus Multichannel Chat and WhatsApp Business API.

Together with Qiscus, Morula IVF switched from WhatsApp Business to WhatsApp Business API. The use of WhatsApp Business API improved the patient administration process through the implementation of automation, including patient registration which sped things up.

With the administration system conducted via WhatsApp Business API, Morula IVF’s employees found it much easier to run patient administration processes which continues to expand day by day with increased public interest. But more than that, employees can now reduce the time to directly put in patient data into its system by omitting pen and paper.

One of WhatsApp Business API features that plays an important role for Morula IVF is the WhatsApp Broadcast Message feature. With this feature, Morula IVF is able to broadcast information at scale faster and easier. Without the device limitation on WhatsApp Business API, employees can now access WhatsApp to communicate with customers simultaneously.

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Furthermore, Morula IVF also felt that it was much easier now to respond to messages from patients and potential customers coming from multiple communication channels. This is made easy because Morula IVF is now able to access all its communication channels just from Qiscus Multichannel Chat.

Morula IVF also took advantage of Qiscus Multichannel Chat’s CSAT survey feature. Through this feature, Morula IVF is able to send CSAT surveys automatically to patients right after the chat between agents and patients has ended. Patients can then immediately rate their level of satisfaction towards Morula IVF’s customer service teams.

The use of Qiscus solutions has positively impacted both the employees and patients of Morula IVF, stemming from the solutions’ ability to improve employee performance and productivity. Moreover, these solutions make it less time consuming for patients to carry out administrative and communicative processes with Morula IVF.

Improve Your Company Productivity with Qiscus

Employee productivity and performance are one of the most important point for businesses as it directly impacts the experience that customers have when dealing with your business or brand. This is especially important for employees who are at the frontlines dealing directly with customers.

There are many strategies that businesses can employ to improve employee productivity which can directly impact customer experience, such as providing high-quality communication services just like what Morula IVF had done. Have a discussion with us to find out the most relevant solution for your current business needs!

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