Hartono: Maximize Communication Services for Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Hartono’s consistency in prioritizing customer satisfaction has succeeded in making them one of the leaders in their industry till this day. Starting from a small shop in Surabaya which was established in 1978, Hartono then developed into one of the biggest players in the East Java electronics industry. As Hartono grew, the motivation to keep innovating continued to deepen. To ensure customer satisfaction, Hartono continues to invest in strategies to uplift its communication services. Check out Hartono’s journey in maximizing its communication services for customer satisfaction in the following article.

Hartono’s Journey To Create Effective Communication

Hartono was established in 1978 in Surabaya as a small shop selling electronic devices. It was only later in that it developed into one of the biggest players in the electronics sector in East Java.

As a business engaged in the retail sector, Hartono felt it was important to be able to create effective and efficient communication with customers. It also realized that providing the right communication channel is also an indicator of good customer experience especially by providing customer satisfaction.

Initially, Hartono only took advantage of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as the main communication channels with customers. Moreover, all customers who access the customer support feature on the Hartono website will be directed to Facebook and WhatsApp. Along with the increasing number of customers, Hartono struggled to control incoming customer messages on WhatsApp and Facebook, which were only being managed by one customer service agent. There was also is record or any form of tracking of the agent’s performance.

With an increasing number of customers, Hartono began to look for a specific strategy in managing and responding to the customer messages received to provide timely response and efficient service. Hartono is aware that customers want fast response to their enquiries. Therefore, in early 2019, Hartono took the initiative to look to innovating on their communication platforms.

Building Effective Communication with Qiscus

After spending time looking for the right solution for their business needs, Hartono finally entrusted Qiscus to provide them with the most appropriate solution in the field of communication technology.

Judging from Hartono’s need to handle chats to its WhatsApp accounts, of whose numbers were increasingly very rapidly, Qiscus provided WhatsApp Business API as a solution. This solution is considered the most appropriate because it allows multiple agents to access one WhatsApp account at the same time so that the number of customer chats can be handled more effectively without making them wait long.

The use of WhatsApp Business API has proven to be successful in creating convenience for customers who contact and transact virtually with Hartono Electornics. The first time it began using WhatsApp Business API, Hartono only targeted the number of customers who contacted them via WhatsApp every month as the Monthly Active User (MAU) was not too large.

After 2 weeks of using WhatsApp Business API, the chat volume for Hartono’s WhatsApp account increased significantly and even exceeded the intial target. This meant that the company needed to upgrade its Monthly Active User (MAU) count, which also led to a growing number of required customer service agents to manage the service.

To maximize he quality of their customer support even further, in early 2021, Hartono collaborated with Qiscus again to implement Qiscus Multichannel Chat. Qiscus Multichannel Chat allows Hartono to integrate multiple communication channels into one dashboard and route all incoming messages to various existing active agents. The use of Qiscus Multichannel Chat also allows Hartono easy monitoring of its agents performance through the analytic features available. Hartono uses Qiscus Multichannel Chat to integrate WhatsApp, Facebook, and its in-house apps suite named ‘My Hartono’ Applications’.

Through the solutions provided by Qiscus, Hartono has succeeded in improving the quality of its communication services and streamlined its processes to become more efficient and productive. Although it continues to receive a high number of messages regularly, Hartono is still able to respond quickly and precisely so that customers don’t have to wait long. Other than that, the existing communication flow is improved through automation – nothing is done manually.

With better quality of customer support, there are no more customer complaints due to long response time or missed messages. Moreover, with a shorter time taken to respond to customers, Hartono can continue to maintain customer satisfaction among its consumers. Till now, Hartono continues to entrust Qiscus to help provide the latter’s most relevant and targeted solutions.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Qiscus

Customer satisfaction is an important metric in building an effective customer experience strategy and a very crucial basis for creating loyal customers. Therefore, it is important for businesses to keep on innovating to create a relevant customer experience to increase customer satisfaction. Facilitating customers with easy, fast, and effective communication channels when transacting with your business is one of the keys to this success.

Qiscus can help your business create a memorable customer experience. One way to do this is to create more effective communication with customers, just like what Hartono has done. Find out more about WhatsApp Business API and Qiscus Multichannel Chat here. Contact us for solutions that are most relevant to your current business needs.

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