Bareksa: Creating Real-Time & Modern Communication with WhatsApp Business API

The ability to create Real-Time Communication (RTC) with customers is a dream for every company. Over time, companies are required to continue innovating on and improving the quality of conversations with customers. One way is to make conversations with customers more interactive, accessible, and happening in real-time. The better the quality of the conversation, the better customer satisfaction is expected to become. Additionally, an equally good customer experience will also be a reality. This is the case for Bareksa, the first integrated investment portal in Indonesia. Bareksa has innovated in developing its communication services to create RTC and high worth networks with customers. Read Bareksa’s journey in creating its own RTC strategy with customers in the following article.

Bareksa’s Journey: Creating Effective Communication With Customers

Bareksa is the first investment portal in Indonesia and was founded in 2014 byf PT Bareksa Portal Investasi. For 7 years in Indonesia, Bareksa has provided customers a variety of investment products including Reksa Dana, SBN, and Umroh. Bareksa also provides data services and investment tools, provides news and analysis while building a community of investors.

As an investment portal provider, it is important for Bareksa to be able to create effective and efficient communication with customers. Bareksa is well aware that the higher the quality of business communication between Bareksa and their customers, the higher customer satisfaction and customer experience will be. This sentiment reflects a study done by PWC, which found that 80% of consumers pointed to the elements of speed, convenience, friendly service, and provision of extensive knowledge as important elements of positive customer experiences.

There are many ways that Bareksa has prepared accessible and efficient communication strategies with all of its customers, including using email and telephone. Bareksa also uses email as one of its marketing strategies to customers. However, in line with the development of the company, Bareksa wants to develop its marketing strategy by expanding its communication channels beyond email marketing.

At the end of 2019, Bareksa began to receive more customers, which led to an exponential increase in requests and enquiries made to the company. This pushed Bareksa to find an immediate solution to build an efficient communication network to continue communicating effectively with its customers.

Create Real-Time & Advanced Communication Channels with Qiscus

After conducting surveys to understand the urgency for developing its communication channels, Bareksa discovered Qiscus as a solution most relevant to their needs. What attracted them to Qiscus was its omnichannel tools which functioned in real-time, echoing what was mentioned in Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report in 2017 on how current customers prefer real-time channel access when dealing with customer service.

Based on Bareksa’s needs, Qiscus provided several solutions that could match Bareksa’s needs, including Qiscus Multichannel Chat, WhatsApp Business API, and CRM integration. The implementation and use of these three solutions is expected to be able to make Bareksa’s wish come true to provide a modern communication platform to improve its customer service quality.

The use of Qiscus Multichannel Chat has helped Bareksa to more easily and effectively respond to customer messages coming from different communication channels. With Qiscus Multichannel Chat, Bareksa was also able to integrate its activated communication channels, such as Live Chat and WhatsApp Business API, into one dashboard. The desire to have real-time communication is even easier to realize because Bareksa is now able to respond immediately when a customer sends it a message.

It doesn’t stop there. Bareksa continues to innovate to provide the best communication experiences matching current customer demands and expectations. Using WhatsApp Business API provided by Qiscus to build relationships with all of their loyal customers, Bareksa believes that WhatsApp Business API is the most appropriate communication channel due to its intuitive functions and efficient capabilities.

With these features, Bareksa is able to carry out various communication activities with customers from only one dashboard or control centre. For example, it is now able to streamline broadcast messages for various promotional activities, or use differentiated message templates to different market segments through simple processes that only require one device.

With the right solution from Qiscus, Bareksa has been able to engage better with its customers and in return, sees returning customers who are highly satisfied with the positive customer experience.

Build a Better Customer Experience with Qiscus

Maintaining customer satisfaction is the key to every business and is a benchmark of good customer experience in the eyes of customers. Therefore, it is important for companies to keep up with new innovation to ensure continued customer satisfaction. Using the latest tools that have been developed for RTC is a first-step in keeping up with the times.

With real-time tools and features within Qiscus Multichannel, Bareksa has been able to reach customers more easily while also creating customer experience to ensure continued retention. Qiscus can provide various solutions that can help your business create a better customer experience, just like Bareksa.

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