Lead Generation Hacks: 3 Strategies to Increase Sales

One effective step for companies and brands to increase sales is by establishing marketing strategies that create lead generations. In the digital marketing world, lead generation is a way or process to attract and convert an audience into someone who shows interest in your company’s products or services. It is logical that the main priority of every marketer is to produce leads. However, what steps should you take to get the right lead generation? This article will explain more.

Strategy 1: Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

Starting a website is one of the secrets that businesses can do to raise awareness about the existence of their brands while also hoping to increase sales. However, in creating a website, brands must pay attention to several things, including website access via cell phones. More than 50 percent of web traffic stems from mobile users. Since accessing the Internet via cell phones has become so convenient, customers can make purchases anywhere with a smart phone.

As a first step, optimize your website to become mobile-friendly and easily accessible. Brian Clayton, CEO at Greenpal, found that 82% of his target audience visited his newly built site via mobile. This echoes research on how non-mobile friednly websites are 5 times more likely to have customers leave the website, killing the prospect of any lead generation.

Optimizing the use and quality of your website also shows how your business is very concerned about customer comfort and convenience, which is an indicator of customer experience.

Strategy 2: Produce Engaging Content

Nowadays, almost all B2B and B2C marketers create content as part of marketing activities. Content engagement is a term that is widely used in the digital marketing landscape. Well-made content can bring audiences closer to a brand, resulting in high levels of engagement.

What must be considered in order to produce high content engagement and succeed in increasing sales? There are several criteria that affect a person’s interest to make them a potential customer:

  • Content presented is relevant and relatable. In order to produce relevant content for the audience, businesses must always be able to present recent developments and events on things that are popular to discuss within your geographical target market
  • Content presented must have entertainment value to attract and engage with the audiences
  • Most importantly, content presented must answer the problems or needs of the audience. It can be in the form of articles listing product benefits, videos or other media that the audience finds relatable and beneficial.

Strategy 3: Call To Action

After accomplishing the above two strategies, the next important thing is to include a Call to Action (CTA). Neither of those strategies can increase sales if you don’t use the right CTAs. CTA itself is a crucial component on every landing page or website. A CTA can be a link or a QR code that will connect you with leads, and most importantly makes it easy for your audience to make transactions or access information.

One type of CTA that you can apply is closing the sales, which is a type of CTA that focuses on sales. This is the conventional CTA where brands want customers to make purchases through a CTA linked to its communication channel. There are so many types of emerging communication channels now that can be used for CTA, with instant messaging applications as an example. WhatsApp Business API should top your list as a must to be your brand’s communication channel.

Why WhatsApp?

It is known that easily having two billion current active users makes WhatsApp one of the applications that majority of mobile users are extremely familiar with and are already using. This makes it easier for potential customers to contact you since there is no need to download additional applications. WhatsApp has also been equipped with End-to-End Encryption features to ensure messages sent using WhatsApp can only be seen by the sender and recipient.

Unlike SMS or Email, marketing success will be easier for businesses which are already on WhatsApp. This is because WhatsApp provides flexibility in sending sales messages and supports sending and receiving messages in the form of media, both audio and visua, in real-time.

WhatsApp is a powerful communication media and is no longer just for personal communication. In 2018, WhatsApp began offering other services dedicated to businesses, such as WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API, to meet the increasing needs of businesses and brands.

Maximize Business Communication With WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API enables large-scale communication and can be integrated into multiple systems. It is a broad messaging solution in a company to consumers. WhatsApp Business API can also be accessed by multiple users at the same time, so you can allocate messages to individual customer service agents swiftly to accelerate customer conversation and lead generation.

Moreover, businesses can also create good customer experiences via WhatsApp Business API since they are able to respond quickly and efficiently, garnering reputation as responsive and personable. Another benefit of using the WhatsApp Business API for business people is the opportunity to gain consumer loyalty.

If you want the success of increasing lead generation to increase sales after optimizing a mobile-friendly website and high content engagement, then the use of the WhatsApp Business API crucial. WhatsApp Business API can be an intermediary between you and leads who are clearly your potential customers. In addition, Qiscus Multichannel Chat also allows you to integrate WhatsApp Business API with other business communication channels that you have to make better use of time.

Are you ready to get started? Qiscus is ready to offer the easiest and best way to activate and operate WhatsApp Business API. If you need more assistance, we are happy to provide help!

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