Implement Chatbot in Your Business to Create Excellent Customer Journeys

When it comes to communicating with customers, businesses need to transit and adapt to new digital realities. The Customer Journey is crucial in ensuring customer loyalty, but more than that, it contributes to the positive experience your customer longs to have with any business they transact with.

However, when a business is experiencing rapid growth, the emergence of an overwhelming number of customer messages is an unavoidable problem especially when customer-brand communications happen digitally nowadays. Customer service agents can easily be inundated with massive numbers of customer enquiries, sometimes even outside business hours or on weekends.

This is where chatbots can be the answer for businesses to automate communication with customers while significantly improving service quality at the same time. Chatbots are always available 24/7 which makes it easier for businesses to provide a faster and timely response. It is believed that about 90% of customers expect every company to provide 24/7 online self-service facilities.

But how exactly do chatbots contribute to a positive Customer Journey?

Implementation and Effect of Chatbots in the Customer’s Journey

A customer’s journey is the process or pathways a customer goes through when interacting with a business. This journey is divided into three phases: pre-sales, sales, and post-sales. Chatbots, with their many advantages, can make the customer’s journey while interacting with a business an enjoyable experience.

Currently, Qiscus provides a chatbot integration tool called Qiscus Robolabs, which is a no-code chatbot where businesses can create their own workable chatbots easily and integrate in their systems. Read on to find out how implementation and effects of chatbots in the customer’s journey happen from the pre-sales, sales, to post sales stages.

Pre-sales Stage: Chatbots Provide Real-Time Service & Assisting Customers with Information

During the pre-sales stage, customers will first contact the business and study the product information offered for consideration before deciding to make purchase. At this stage, businesses should respond immediately when customers first contact your business.

As many as 60% of customers have stopped doing business with a brand due to a single poor customer service experience. For this reason, chatbots are useful for businesses because they can provide direct responses to customers in real-time. In addition to providing real-time services, chatbots also help to provide information quickly, precisely, and concisely to the customer.

Qiscus Robolabs has a Bot Template feature that can help provide basic information about your business, products, services, or suggestions based on customer preferences. This feature is a ready-made template that is available in the Excel format and can be changed with answers you define yourself. With this feature, customers can easily obtain information about your products or brand without experiencing long waiting times.

Sales Stage: Chatbots Can Interpret Conversations and Forward Them to Agents

In this phase, customers will usually consult with the business about the suitable type of product or service based on their preferences until finally deciding to buy a chosen product or servce. During this stage, the customer should feel comfortable having a conversation with the chatbot who is able to fulfil most of the customer’s queries which are still within contexts familiar to the bot.

Qiscus Robolabs contains a Training Bot feature to help you train chatbots to provide context-appropriate responses. Through this feature, your agent can easily conduct training so that the chatbot will become smarter to construe what is being asked before providing the appropriate answer to find out more about your customer’s needs.

Moreover, Qiscus Robolabs also has a human-bot collaboration feature. This is intended when there are complex questions that cannot be handled by bots alone. These questions will then be managed by a suitable human agent so that customers can have their more unique and complicated questions answered.

Post Sales Stage: Evaluation for a Better Customer Journey

In the post-sales stage, the transaction has been completed and the customers rates your business’ quality of service. During this phase, customers usually review their journey while transacting with your business, from the first time they contact your business until the transaction is complete.

You definitely want to leave a positive impression on your customers so they don’t leave you with a bad review, especially when it comes to responding to messages. Therefore, accurate data is necessary for your to review how well a bot or human agent is performing in managing an especially large number of customer messages.

Qiscus Robolabs has an Analytics feature to provide your chatbot metrics and analysis, such as the number of conversations the bot has handled or which conversations were forwarded to a human agent. With this data, businesses can evaluate and determine a better strategy so that the number of conversations managed does not decrease or, better yet, increases. You can also plan strategies to improve customer relationships and ensure customers experience a pleasant customer journey.

Utilize Chatbots from Qiscus Robolabs for a More Pleasant Customer’s Journey

During the pre-sales, sales and post-sales phases of the customer’s journey, Qiscus Robolabs is able to assist your business in providing a pleasant customer’s journey from start till the end. By being available 24/7, able to provide immediate responses and interactive conversations, with seamless conversational processes through appropriate and relevant chatbot responses, Qiscus Robolabs provide solutions for businesses to automate communication with their customers. The existence of this chatbot makes it easier for businesses to significantly improve service quality through a faster and more responsive service process.

With its various advantages, utilize Qiscus Robolabs to enhance the customer journey in your business. If you are interested to discuss further, contact us here.

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