Over 1000 Inquiries on Instagram: How Does Avoskin Manage?

Who doesn’t know Avoskin? It is a local brand from Yogyakarta well known for its various types of skincare. Through its multiple innovations and new products, Avoskin has become increasingly popular with many people, especially women. Its successful sales strategies are inseparable from how Avoskin takes advantage of the existence of social messaging applications with a large user base to boost its brand presence digitally.

Various activities conducted by Avoskin on its digital platforms have resulted in thousands of enquiries from consumers on multiple communication channels, such as WhatsApp and Instagram. While it has managed endless enquiries on WhatsApp with the help of Qiscus Multichannel Chat and WhatsApp Business API, now Avoskin is turning to another Qiscus solution, the Messenger API for Instagram, to manage over a thousand enquiries on its Instagram account.

Read this article to learn how Avoskin’ journey serves its consumers efficiently on Instagram.

Understand How Digitalisation Works

Avoskin is a skincare brand under the auspices of PT. Avo Innovation Technology and was founded in 2014 in Sleman, Yogyakarta. To date, Avoskin has at least 65 products under its wings and is well-known for producing cruelty-free products. All of its products are accessible and can be purchased on its website and in the marketplace.

Being present in the massive digital world has increased the brand’s understanding about the importance of digital selling. One of the tangible proofs of this is from its product promotions on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Communicate Actively on Instagram

Selling and promoting its products on Instagram is something that Avoskin has been doing for a long time since 2015. Being on Instagram since six years ago has led to the brand possessing over 498,000 followers of various demographics.

On its Instagram account, Avoskin showcases different types of relevant content including about its business and for its followers. The content is divided into several categories, such as product-related content, engagement content, testimonials, and so on. Sometimes, Avoskin also collaborates with influencers to promote its product content on Instagram.

Through all the shared content, Avoskin engage its followers to comments on the posts or reply to content through Instagram DM. Besides, Avoskin is also active in building interaction with its followers through the Instagram Live feature and sharing interactive content on Instagram Reels.

Managing Instagram as well as on WhatsApp

Because of the content shared on Instagram, Avoskin admits that it always receives a lot of enquiries both on Instagram DM and comment every day. Receiving more than 1000 inquiries on Instagram is not something new. This number may also increase if the team conducts a campaign on Instagram. These enquiries mostly contain queries about products or a short consultation before the customer decides to make a purchase.

The number of enquiries on Instagram may sometimes overwhelm customer service teams even if there are already three or four agents available at the same time. Accessing the Instagram account from many devices simultaneously also carries the risk of Avoskin’ Instagram account being temporarily blocked.

Limitations Abound for Avoskin

Providing a great communication service on Instagram is important. In fact, an average of 80% of the enquiries on Instagram for Avoskin have been converted into sales. Besides the limitation of device usage on Instagram, Avoskin also have considered using Instagram manually,. However, this method does not allow it to receive statistics on its agent performance so it makes its harder to decide what KPI to monitor for each agent.

Previously, Avoskin has experienced the Qiscus Multichannel Chat and WhatsApp Business API from Qiscus o solve a similar problem, in terms of increment of enquiries, device limitation, and agent performance insight.s

Armed with the positive experience and satisfying results, as well as the feature and device access limitation on Instagram, Avoskin is encouraged to integrate another solution, namely the Messenger API for Instagram. This solution is specifically intended to meet the various customer needs on Instagram.

What is the impact of Messenger API for Instagram for Avoskin?

After a long journey and facing various obstacles to provide great customer service on Instagram, Avoskin has decided to integrate the Messenger API for Instagram from Qiscus. This solution is also integrated into Avoskin’ Qiscus Multichannel Chat account along with other communication channels.

With this integration, Avoskin no longer has to worry about its Instagram account being blocked due to being accessed from multiple devices. Also, agents who manage its Instagram account will be able to respond to all enquiries through the same dashboard without the need to access its Instagram application and website.

If previously Avoskin was unable to monitor and learn about the performance of each of its agents due to the lack of features on Instagram, both in application and website, now Avoskin can find out accurately and in real-time from a report found in the Analytics feature on Qiscus Multichannel Chat. These data include each agents’ total average response time, the number of enquiries managed by each agent, the time it takes to complete a chat, and so on.

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The availability to monitor its agents’ performance makes Avoskin more able to arrange its agents’ KPIs. The data generated from the Analytics feature is not only about agent performance, but also contains various data related to enquiries, such as the most asked questions asked by consumers, the number of enquiries it receives every day, the number of resolved inquiries, and much more.

Similar to Avoskin’ previous experience, the integration of Messenger API for Instagram into Qiscus Multichannel Chat has brought about positive impact for its business.

Improve customer service performance on Instagram with Qiscus’ solutions

There are various problems that are often found in the customer service process including on the part of agents and the tools. Some challenges often experienced by businesses include the difficulty of dealing with multiple enquiries from many communication channels, the high cost of manpower planning due to the need to hire and facilitate many agents, as well as the difficulty of arranging customer service KPIs based on accurate data. Businesses usually have to sort through these problems to achieve maximum results, both internally and externally, but Qiscus solutions are meant to help brands and businesses ease through these.

We have shared various perspectives from businesses to understand their use case to provide the most effective and efficient recommendations. This is so that businesses will be able to achieve their main target of enhancing customer satisfaction. Of course, you can also experience this too for your business. Visit this page to connect with our RTC Consultants today!

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