Oxygen.id Home: Increase Over 50% Traffic with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat

Telecommunication network services have evolved into one of the most important commodities in Indonesian society. Every year, Indonesia’s internet penetration increases significantly. The Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII) reported that Indonesia’s internet penetration reached 77.02% in 2021-2022. Unsurprisingly, the rapid development of Indonesian telecommunication infrastructure and network providers has contributed to this.

As one of the telecommunications infrastructure and network providers in Indonesia, PT Mora Telematika Indonesia Tbk (Moratelindo) engages in cable telecommunications operations, Internet service provision as well as Internet interconnection services (NAP). Until 2022, Moratelindo was recorded to have many customers situation in a number of industries. There are 6 thousand enterprise customers, 110 thousand retail customers, and 250 customers from the telco & wholesale business industry.

In running its business, Moratelindo is committed to continuously innovating products according to dynamic customer needs and providing the best service to customers in the midst of technological developments and changes in the business environment. One form of innovation is the provision of Broadband Internet services via Oxygen.id Home.

This commitment also reflects one of the values upheld by Moratelindo, especially by Oxygen.id Home, which is to provide the best experience for customers through excellent service. In this respect, Oxygen.id Home strives to provide services which focus on service excellence.

Challenge of Maintaining Real-Time Response Rate & Notifications

The increasing number of Oxygen.id Home customers are directly proportional to the growing number of interactions with its customers. This later turned into one of several challenges faced by the Oxygen.id Home’s customer care team. Its customer care team began to interact with an increasingly large number of customers while facing the pressure of delivering timely response rates.

Not only that, in order to continue to provide the best service, regular maintenance is required. To provide this information, the customer care team must be able to quickly broadcast news and respond to various questions from customers.

Oxygen.id Home’s Strategy for Increasing Traffic & Response Rate

Seeing the need for action in the face of existing challenges, in mid-August 2022, Oxygen.id Home decided to implement solutions from Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, which included integration with WhatsApp Business API and Qiscus Robolabs.

With the implementation of these solutions, Oxygen.id Home started to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased Traffic by About 50%

Customers are now able to contact Oxygen.id Home via multiple communication channels, including Twitter and WhatsApp, rather than just using the phone. With open access to both communication channels, which are also integrated with the Qiscus Omnichannel dashboard, the Oxygen.id Home team members can answer incoming messages more effectively and quickly. Oxygen.id Home has found that its traffic has grown by approximately 50%.

  • Fast Response Rate

Along with an increase in traffic, Oxygen.id Home has also seen a rise in response rates. Now, each agent can easily resolve a simple case within two to three minutes.

This increase in response rate is also supported by the presence of Qiscus Robolabs, which allows users to create chatbot templates according to the needs of brands and businesses. Oxygen.id Home has found that Qiscus Robolabs is highly beneficial since it offers 24/7 quick, accurate, and automatic responses.

  • Deliver Interactive Responses via WhatsApp as Primary Channel

With more than 112 million WhatsApp users in Indonesia, Oxygen.id Home has made WhatsApp the main channel of communication for customers who want to reach out for its services. With the WhatsApp Business API solution, the Oxygen.id Home team can now provide faster and more interactive responses according to the customer needs, which is more cost-efficient.

  • Ease Communication with Customers

Through Qiscus’ solutions, Oxygen.id Home customers can now not only access information about products and prices instantly. It has also allowed users to easily share locations if a network check is required within a specific area.

Additionally, with Qiscus Omnichannel Dashboard, multiple agents of Oxygen.id Home can also access the same communication channel at the same time. This is greatly convenient for a team made up of over 6 Customer Care Retail agents and 8 Anti-Attrition staffs. Message distribution to each staff member on duty is now more efficient and balanced than before.

Not only has traffic and response time increased, Oxygen.id Home has also experienced higher customer satisfaction ratings than before. This is because of Oxygen.id Home’s Customer Care services can now be accessed with less time and cost. The speed of response time provided by Oxygen.id Home has also become one of the most important aspects to positively influence customer satisfaction.

Increase Your Customers’ Satisfaction With Us!

The presence of Qiscus Omnichannel Chat and Qiscus Robolabs solutions for the Oxygen.id Home customer care service team has led to an increase in customer satisfaction. Surely, the same experience can be felt by your company!

If your company is experiencing difficulties with customer care services and would like to learn how Qiscus solutions can help optimize them, please contact us through this link.

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