Success with previous solutions, Morula IVF Integrates Messenger API for Instagram

Morula IVF is one of the biggest fertility clinic in Indonesia, known for its flagship test-tube baby programme. In addition to becoming more accessible to the public, Morula IVF is also active on social media, including Instagram, in sharing useful clinical and medical information publicly.

After its successful and positive experience in using Qiscus’ solutions previously, Morula IVF has collaborated once again with Qiscus to now incorporate the Messenger API for Instagram into its system.

About Morula IVF

Morula IVF is a fertility clinic founded in 1997 and is a part of the Bundamedik Healthcare System. To date, Morula IVF has 10 branches spread across Indonesian cities including Jakarta, Bandung, and Makassar to name a few.

Some of Morula IVF programs and services include the well-known test-tube baby program, VIP Incubator, and Laparoscopy. As one of the most trusted fertility clinics in Indonesia, Morula IVF always strives to improve the quality of its programmes and services that are available to patients. In 2019, its effort bore fruit as it saw a success rate of up to 72%, which is equivalent to the success rates of fertility clinics globally.

Communicating with Followers on Instagram

Apart from its WhatsApp account and website, members of the public can also get in touch with Morula IVF via Instagram. It is very easy for the public to search for Morula IVF’s Instagram account since it already possesses a ‘Verified’ badge on its official profile.

Morula IVF has received a significant number of likes on the content that it shares on Instagram as well as incoming messages on its Instagram DM, requesting for clinic information or appointments. Everyday, they receive a minimum of 50 messages on Instagram DM. The number of incoming messages as well as many Instagram comments (of which previously were still not able to be integrated into Qiscus Multichannel Chat) made Morula IVF decide to employ customer service agents to manage all its incoming messages on Instagram.

Morula IVF also implements the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) on its communication service standards, one of them being the maximum response time for each incoming messages to be no more than 3 minutes. Unfortunately, the SOP was not able to be tracked since there were no analytics tool that could summarize the information on agent performance information on Instagram. Apart from communicating via Instagram DM, Morula IVF also regularly interacts with its Instagram followers through the Instagram Live feature, held about 4 times a month.

Although Morula IVF has received many positive feedback from its followers, it is still keen to improve on great communication delivery and interactions on Instagram.

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With Qiscus solutions, Morula IVF experienced an increase in CSAT rate

With the launch of Messenger API for Instagram last July, Morula IVF proceed to integrate it Instagram into its Qiscus Multichannel Chat account. The use of Messenger API for Instagram allows Morula IVF to serve its consumers more seamlessly and instantly. Now, all customer service agents are able to access all the communication channels it operates on via a single dashboard on the Qiscus Multichannel Chat.

Furthermore, the Messenger API for Instagram also comes with various features that can help businesses to improve customer experience on Instagram. Some notable features include:

  • the Quick Button feature, which shows multiple question buttons that can be selected by followers,
  • the Private Reply feature to reply to all comments via Instagram DM, and
  • the Story Mention feature which allows businesses to become more advanced in managing individuals who reply or mention their brands on Instagram

Impact of Using Messenger API for Instagram on Morula IVF

The main impact of Messenger API for Instagram on Morula IVF is its ability to now respond to incoming messages coming from Instagram and other channels through Qiscus Multichannel Chat, which improves its response time on Instagram and management of customers, including their contact information.

Morula IVF is also able to categorise all messages from Instagram with the Tags feature from Qiscus Multichannel Chat. This categorisation feature also brings many benefits to customer service as it helps to organise information more efficiently.

Similar to other businesses, Morula IVF also values accurate data from its Instagram usage to help them continue to improve Since the integration of its Instagram account into Qiscus Multichannel Chat, Morula IVF now can generate various insights related to its communication service on Instagram, such as calculating the total of incoming messages, streamlining frequently discussed topics that are being asked by its followers, and kuch more.

In general, the use of Messenger API for Instagram and other solutions from Qiscus have delivered significant impact to Morula IVF’ communication service. One of the results is seen from an customer satisfaction rate of 5 from 4.86. This result is almost perfect and certainly not easy to obtain without special strategies.

Switch to Messenger API for Instagram, with Qiscus

Pushing your customer service to serve through Instagram is not uncommon nowadays. What needs to be considered is how businesses can make customer service more qualified and capable of meeting current customer expectations.

Keep in mind that great service will bring great results. It is very important for businesses to always innovate and improve on the services that they already have, as was done by Morula IVF. If your business has an interest in the Messenger API for Instagram or other solutions provided by Qiscus, do discuss with our team here!

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