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Create a highly scalable chat feature in your app using Qiscus In-App Chat SDK & Messaging API.

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Build Your Own Chat App

Scalable core in-App Chat SDK to build chat feature within your applications.

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Focus on your business

Build a real-time chat is hard. With our In-App Chat SDK, you can now easily have a chat that is equipped with many core and enhanced features

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Build a scalable chat without any hassle

No more issue on a complex architecture for every single string of chat you send. In Qiscus, our engineers are happy to help you.

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Many More Features Ready For You

In Qiscus, we totally understand the various business needs.
So we packed lots of features into our In-App Chat SDK!

and many more
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Improve Your
Customer Experience Now

A lot of businesses have benefited greatly from our technology. Now, it's your turn.

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Multichannel Chat
Easy to combine all your channels in one place. No more opening up multiple channels and dashboards.
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Qiscus SDK Chat
Building an in-app chat has never been easier because of Qiscus SDK Chat.
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