Chat SDK for Mobile and Websites

Enable custom in-app messaging in your Mobile App and Web using Qiscus Chat SDK and Messaging API

Less Code. Less Confusion.

We completely understand that every developer needs more time for vacations. Qiscus chat SDK is written in a simple way and equipped with customisable UI, real-time chat functionalities, and many more.

Qiscus Way
QiscusSDK.core .init({ AppId: 'YOUR_APP_ID', options: {} }); QiscusSDK.core .setUser('id', 'userKey', 'Qiscus Demo' , ‘’);
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Focus on Your Business and Let Us Handle The Rest

Build a real-time chat is hard.

With our chat SDK, you can now easily build a real-time in-app chat that is equipped with online status, typing indicator, send, receive and read 'ticks' and others.

Share different file types with ease.

Our chat SDK also enables your users to share different file type - audio, images, PDF files, location, contact etc - without you having to worry about handling the storage and infrastructure.

Here Are More Features You Can Have!

  • Private, Group, & Channels
  • Reply Message
  • Offline Messages
  • Customizable Chat Interface
  • Export and Import Messages from Your App
  • Button, Card, & Carousel Support
  • Rx Java Support
  • Emoji Support
  • Chat Bot UI Support
  • Server API and Webhook
  • Push Notification
  • Server Authentications Support
and 100+ more