Qiscus App Center: Bringing Your Multichannel Chat to the Next Level

By integrating various communication channels, Qiscus Multichannel Chat has succeeded in making it easy for Qiscus clients to manage millions of customer messages from one dashboard everyday. This convenience has helped many businesses satisfy their customers’ expectations, especially in speeding up response time.

Through Multichannel Chat, Qiscus wants businesses of all sizes to be able to meet the endless varieties of customer expectations. To support this goal, we are taking Qiscus Multichannel Chat to the next level by creating an ecosystem called the Qiscus App Center.

What is Qiscus App Center & How Does it Work for Businesses?

Qiscus App Center is a space where all Qiscus Multichannel Chat users can find various applications to support their business needs. This ecosystem emphasizes the value of extensibility by giving Qiscus Multichannel Chat users more choices and flexibility to add on tools that will enhance their Qiscus Multichannel experienc.

Qiscus’ goal is to add value to our clients by providing a wide array of applications that can improve productivity within the QIscus App Centre. Currently, three popular applications in the Qiscus App Center are email, CSAT, and Qiscus Robolabs.

How does the email, CSAT, and Robolabs applications on the Qiscus App Center help you maximize your business strategies with Multichannel Chat?

Increase Connectivity with Customers via Email

Despite the trending of social media and instant messaging applications, email is still the primary communication platform many people use, both for business and personal use. By 2022, it is estimated that 4.03 billion people worldwide are still using email. No other communication platform has yet to come close to the potential reach of email.

Email has been recognised as an effective marketing method to keep in touch with customers. Via email, you can quickly and easily attach any electronic files, including text documents, photos, videos and more to be sent to multiple email addresses simultaneously. One of the marketing methods that many businesses do not omit still is the email newsletter.

An email newsletter is an effective branding tool to keep your brand name, products or services fresh in customers’ minds. With an email newsletter, you can share news, notify your customers about promotions, provide new offers, share educational information, conduct surveys and do so much more with your customers without a huge marketing budget.

The existence of an email application available in the Qiscus App Center now makes it easier for you to leverage on email as part of your business strategies in Multichannel Chat. By integrating the email add-on into Qiscus Multichannel Chat, you can easily manage your incoming and outgoing emails through one platform alongside your other communication channels.

In addition, you can also specify agents to respond to certain emails so that the wirldlowmm ok is allocated to agents evenly. By evenly distributing email management to agents, every agent in the company can work productively and efficiently.

Do a CSAT Survey to Better Understand Your Customers

In order to maintain steady business growth, businesses need to maintain a customer base by studying their customers’ needs and wants. For this reason, feedback from customers is necessary so that businesses will have a point of reference to understand the needs and demands of their customers better.

The CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Survey application can be used by businesses to ask questions and measure the level of customer satisfaction towards a product or service. Through the CSAT application, you can obtain feedback to evaluate and determine enhanced marketing strategies for the future.

The CSAT application from the Qiscus App Center is available with various assessment methods and is easy to implement. The assessment method is divided into three types:

  • numbers with a scale range of 1-10,
  • stars with a scale range of 1-5, and
  • emojis with absolute scores between satisfied or dissatisfied.

Of the three types of assessment methods, you can choose which one suits your needs best.

The results of the assessment or feedback from these customers can then be found in the Custom Analytics menu on your Qiscus Multichannel Chat account.

Provide Responsive Service via Chatbot from Qiscus Robolabs

Providing a responsive service is very important for businesses to improve the quality of customer experience. 77% of customers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer service. As such, don’t let customers wait too long.

Chatbots are here to provide solutions for businesses to provide real-time query management, where customers can receive an immediate response to their messages in just seconds around the clock. By always being available 24/7, customers will appreciate the flexibility of being able to contact your business anytime.

Qiscus App Center provides Qiscus Robolabs, a quick solution for businesses to create their own chatbots without complicated coding. By integrating Qiscus Robolabs into Qiscus Multichannel Chat, you can use chatbots in every channel of your communication, including WhatsApp Business API and even Messenger API for Instagram.

Qiscus Robolabs itself is a no-code chatbot that is easy to implement without the need of coding knowledge. This platform offers a Bot Template feature that is easy for anyone, even amateurs, to use.

Just simply download ready-made templates available in Excel to then use them as a bot response template for your customers. This ready-made template can also be customized to your preferred answers or responses. With this feature, your customers can receive information easily without experiencing long waiting times.

Take Your Multichannel Chat to the Next Level with Qiscus App Center

To date, Qiscus Multichannel Chat has succeeded in making it easier for Qiscus clients to communicate and interact with customers more effectively and efficiently. Not stopping there, we have also elevated Qiscus Multichannel Chat by creating an ecosystem within the Qiscus App Center.

Qiscus App Center is a space where all Qiscus Multichannel Chat users can find various applications to support their business needs, such as Email, CSAT, and Robolabs. These three applications can help you maximize your business strategies to understand your customers better, increase connections, and provide responsive services.

The time is always right to upgrade your Multichannel Chat experience to the next level with Qiscus App Center. If you are interested to know more and would like a further discussion, please contact us here.

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