Customer Marketing: Helping Businesses Maintain Customer Bases

Along with the increasing competition across industries amidst this massive digital era, strong customer marketing strategies are necessary in this day and age to maintain stable business growth. While finding and generating new customers may have been the focus of many enterprises, turning to ways to retain existing customers (or customer marketing) may very well be an equally, if not more, effective strategy for businesses to thrive.

Customer marketing is designed to maintain a customer base by learning as much as possible about your customer needs, wants, and behaviours. In other words, businesses can work on maintaining the loyalty and trust of existing customers in order to ensure consistent sales. Loyal customers are a very important asset for a business – studies have shown that 12 to 15% of the most loyal customers of a company can contribute between 55 to 70% of total business sales.

Apart from helping businesses ensure growth and sales, customer marketing is also useful in attracting more new customers. Apart from making repeated purchases, loyal customers also tend to recommend companies they like to their families, friends and acquaintances. When customers are loyal to a brand, it is found that 86% of customers will recommend the company to friends and family.

Customer marketing helps businesses maximize its customer relationships and maintain customer loyalty to ensure steady sales, revenue and business growth. Based on these benefits, Qiscus can provide solutions for businesses to meet their customer marketing needs.

Personal Touches Strengthens Customer Loyalty

One of the things that can be done in maintaining customer loyalty is to provide a personal touch. To maintain customer loyalty, a large marketing budget is secondary to smaller, personalized gestures that can be appreciated and remembered by customers. Providing a simple personal touch in every interaction with customers can also leave a positive impact on how they value your business. In fact, 90% of customers find personalized marketing strategies appealing.

A simple personal touch for customers can be done in various ways, such as sending birthday wishes to customers. In Qiscus Multichannel, the Contact feature helps businesses store relevant customer data, such as birthdates, that can be used as reminders to wish customers on their birthdays.

Qiscus Multichannel also allows the WhatsApp Business API integration that allows businesses to send notification messages. This way, businesses can also send personalized birthday wishes to customers as a way to keep in touch and as a goodwill gesture to strengthen the customer-brand relationships.

Unbounded Interactions & Consistent Conversations with Customers

In applying a customer marketing strategy, one of the things that can increase customer loyalty and trust is to give them the opportunity to communicate and interact with the business in real-time. This allows customers to receive immediate responses in just seconds around the clock. It is found that 90% of customers rate an “immediate” response as important or very important when they have a question for a brand.

Qiscus Multichannel possesses a combined platform of chatbot and human agents via Qiscus Robolabs to help businesses improve their response rates and customer service delivery. Chatbots are useful for businesses as these are able to respond to customers on behalf of the brand directly within seconds round the clock, and even during holidays or after operational hours when human agents are not available.

Qiscus Robolabs is a no-code chatbot, meaning businesses can create their own chatbots without having to learn complicated coding. On top of chatbots, chat templates, and auto-responder features from Qiscus Robolabs also allow businesses to carry out customer marketing strategies such as offering and convincing customers in using other products or services from the business through consistent conversations.

Another advantage of the combination of a chatbot and human agent is that the chatbot can be configured to focus on providing direct responses to customer messages that fall under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This leaves human agents more room to focus on managing more complex customer messages personally.

In addition, the combination of chatbot and human agents from Qiscus Robolabs has also been directly integrated into the Qiscus Multichannel Chat dashboard which can be accessed via the web, Android, or iOS, making it easier for businesses to communicate and interact with customers anytime and anywhere.

Maximize Customer Marketing Strategy Using Customer Feedback

As discussed earlier, customer marketing is designed to help businesses maintain a customer base by learning as much as possible about their target customers’ needs, wants, and behaviours. This also signals that businesses may need feedback from customers to understand them more accurately.

Customer feedback is basically information provided by customers regarding the general description of the experience or product they had used after transacting with a business. It tells the brand whether customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with the brand’s products and services, and can be used to understand how customers perceive or rate the business.

For this, Qiscus can help businesses obtain feedback from customers by collating data collected through the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) application available in the Qiscus App Center. Businesses can also integrate other helpdesk applications so that all customer testimonials, suggestions, and complaints are recorded. The data collected from these can later be used as material for businesses to learn more about their customers needs, wants, and actions. Through this evaluation, businesses can design more effective customer marketing strategies for the future.

Meet Your Customer Marketing Needs with Qiscus

By focusing on existing customers, brands can craft customer marketing strategies to maintain a positive relationship with its customer base for business growth. It allows businesses to maximize customer relationships and maintain customer loyalty by using personal touches and goodwill gestures, unbounded interactions as well as consistent conversations.

Various solutions available on Qiscus Multichannel, such as WhatsApp Business API, Qiscus Robolabs, and Qiscus App Center, can help businesses meet their customer marketing needs. If you want to learn more about how we can help, visit this page or contact us here.

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