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Chatbot: Automate your Services with Robolabs

Increase your customers' satisfaction when interacting with your brand by integrating your systems with a chatbot. Provide immediate and helpful responses without making your customers wait. Chatbot integration is easier than ever with Robolabs, the No-code Bot Platform for Qiscus Omnichannel Chat.

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Why your business needs Chatbot and Robolabs ?

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Enhance customer engagement and create an interactive customer experience

Accelerate your brand’s ability to respond to customer enquiries and messages with the help of a chatbot which is always available 24/7.

Create an effective and efficient customer-communication process

No more wasting valuable time on similar customer enquiries. Let your chatbot manage Frequently Asked Questions while your customer service agents focus on more complex messages.

Keep operating costs to a minimum

Reduce excess operational expenditure of customer service activities by implementing chatbots. Increase the response rates of your customer service agents without adding manpower.

Manage bots easily with Robolabs New

Manage and monitor your chatbot logic, analytics, setup, training and more - all from one dashboard. With Robolabs, your team can configure your chatbot even without programming knowledge.

Manage your chatbot with No-code Bot Platform Robolabs - as easy as creating spreadsheets


Bot Template

Manage Bot logic with Excel or create a Customer Service Template.


Handover Agent


Training Bot & Intent Management


Integration with Webhook




Chatbots for business communication


Identify and respond to customer messages

Provide appropriate immediate response through automatic message identification by chatbot

Divert messages automatically to customer service agents

Chatbots will tackle concise and repetitive messages while more complex questions will be automatically rerouted to a customer service agent for resolution

Fast response to all incoming messages

Increase customer satisfaction and don't let customers wait too long! Chatbots provide fast and precise responses to hundreds of chats at a single time

24/7 incoming message support

Chatbots continue to work on holidays and outside operational hours to respond to customer messages. Customers will be able to contact your business at any time.

Scale up your business customer experience now with Robolabs and chatbots!

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