Qiscus X Kata.ai: A Business-Consumer Interaction Revolution

Currently, there are many communication mediums to connect businesses and one of them is via messaging applications. The results of the Forrester Consulting, a market research company that provides advice on existing and potential impact of technology, also states that companies which implement chat in their business processes have the potential to achieve a return on investment (ROI) of 305%.

This is because chat can improve customer engagement and service effectiveness of a company. Therefore, enterprise management or business owners must ensure that they include chat features in the applications that they own. However, it cannot be denied that when business owners are eager to use chat features, the first thing to think about is whether companies should build their own features or focus on developing their core business first. Meanwhile, in developing chat features, need more time and human resource.

Another thing that is not any less important is the standby time that can be given by chat features, especially if the company uses an online-based chat feature. Is it available 24 hours, only on for just 12 hours or a few hours? This is very important for companies to understand because the chat feature will connect the company directly with consumers.

Companies cannot be careless when dealing with consumers. Business owners need a service that can reply one-on-one with consumers without the hassle of waiting time. Thus, based on that a company need service providers or third parties to help develop the chat feature.

Qiscus & Kata.ai

With the services that Qiscus provides, Indonesian companies can now provide novel services and differentiate themselves from their competitors in the market, whatmore with high flexibility which can be developed as per their needs. As one of the pioneers in the field of Software Development Kit (SDK) chat, Qiscus is empowering companies in Indonesia to be able to expand beyond their physical boundaries through the integration of SDK chat technology and chatbot services from Kata.ai.

On the other hand, based on the predictions of technology research firm Gartner, in 2020 the public will tend to have more conversations using chatbots. Meanwhile,  Accenture, a global management consulting, chatbots will boost economic growth by twice the current growth and 40% increase in labor productivity by 2035.

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Collaboration for Better Service

The collaboration between Qiscus and Kata.ai is expected to contribute to the realisation of a positive global trend in Indonesia. Among many positive consequences, customers or app users can now receive instant responses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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According to our data, the optimal use of chatbots in the business workflow can help companies save customer service costs by up to 30%. With shorter customer waiting times, consumers can easily get information about missed delivery, details, tracking numbers or passwords. It is certainly promising in the eyes of the consumers.

Meanwhile, in many industries involving confidential data when interacting with consumers, such as the banking industry, businesses and industries require chatbot implementation on their respective platforms. Kata.ai offers its Natural Language Processing (NLP) ability to design chatbots that can automate business processes and consumer interactions within chat facilities owned by companies today.

Through the ability of chatbots who can understand the consumer in the Indonesian language accurately, customer service is expected to become more efficient because the number of consumer enquiries that can be responded directly by the customer service staff will be reduced. Therefore, Qiscus Pte Ltd has collaborated with Kata.ai with the aim to revolutionise the way businesses in Indonesia interact with consumers.

Through this partnership, Qiscus, as a Software Developer Kit (SDK) chat service provider, will collaborate with Kata.ai as a platform for chatbot development that can be used in various chat platforms. Qiscus’ clients will be using chatbots from Kata.ai which can be used in both common social media platforms as well as on their own.


Although there are many vendors offering chat and AI services, business owners in Indonesia are often confused with choosing chat and AI features that suit their needs and budget. The strategic business partnership built by Qiscus and Kata.ai is expected to present chat and AI services that match the character, needs and budget of companies in Indonesia.

This ensures that companies, in developing their business through the chat feature and AI, are on the right track to top-notch productivity and efficiency. Drop us a note at www.qiscus.com or read our white paper and see what we can offer for you.

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