How Qiscus Helps Doku Improve Customer Experience

In this digital era and the rising of financial technology (FinTech). People are making payments  not only via banks, but also using electronic money (e-money). The traditional paper money is fast becoming outdated and it is being replaced by the convenient. And easy-to-use e-money, although not completely. sdk

More than just digital money like in banks, e-money has its own characteristics. It is easy to use and in some services can also provide user anonymity. Like cash money, it also cannot be re-used. Making it more secure, especially when accompanied by transaction records. And is easy to divide into smaller sums. 

The Pioneer of Online Payment in Indonesia

If you want to discuss more about e-money in ecommerce, we first have to look at Doku. A pioneer of online payments in Indonesia that began in 2007. It partners with more than 2000 merchants and has collaborated with various financial companies to provide payment methods. Such as Visa, Mastercard, BNI Debit online, E-Pay BRI, among others. Doku is even certified with Level 1 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Surprisingly, Doku was not originally built to provide online payment services. Initially, Doku provided travel agent services. This was ignited after the first Bali Bombing incident in 2002. “We worked with the local Tourism Department and helped them rebuild Bali by providing easy access to book hotels from a single website”, said Nabilah Alsagoff, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Doku.

After ten years, Doku has succeeded in serving up to 1.1 Billion dollar in transactions. Engaging with giants like Oppo, AirAsia, Sinarmas Land, and banks. But it is not without hard work and well-thought out strategies. Nabilah said that she lived like a firefighter, having to go through sleepless nights and be ready whenever she was contacted. The greatest obstacle, she felt, was how to convince banks and her colleagues that the business will go well and she had to find the best possible solution for potential threats to the business.


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However, one of the best moves Doku has taken was to maintain their sky high status, not only by collaborating with giants, but also with other startups. They provided not only simple payment methods but also complex monthly payment transactions.

Doku Wallet

E-money is not only about simplifying purchases or payment gateways, but also more than that.  For example, you can use e-money to crowdfund. You can use Doku to invest and receive a stake by buying it via Doku e-wallet. Available assets range from deposits, stocks to bonds. Some of it also involves sharia-compliant investments.

Doku Wallet is a payment method which allows you to use e-money without the need to have a credit card or even a bank account. You can easily purchase anything from Doku’s merchants, offline or online. For premium users, there is also a feature to transfer e-money between themselves, which is a novel feature never done before.

Another service that Doku offers is Myshortcart. This service was created for those who own small-to-medium scale businesses and want a convenient. Yet safe, way to transact with their customers. It can be said that these businesses are also Doku’s customers.

Amazingly, these businesses do not have to own a credit card to conduct a transaction. Yet are still able to approach a wide reach of customers including those who do not own debit or credit cards. Through Myshortcart, Doku allows their customers, both business and Doku wallet users. To interact with each other, maintaining their engagement via customers.

Not Only Company-to-Customer Engagement, But Also Customer-to-Customer

From the things mentioned above, Doku is already considering customer engagement in their business approach. You can see it from the convenience of both businesses and the people being able to transact with one another. The model, from Doku’s perspective, is to ensure positive customer-to-customer relations and dealings with one another.

Similar to an auction, customers will offer to sell their goods or services to other customers. Doku not only provides the payment method but also encourages customers to participate in buying and selling, too. With Doku, the problems of payments that are usually found in the usual customer-to-customer model can be solved easily.

But for a company like Doku to dive into this model is not without obstacles. Taking care of all the above-mentioned features, which are heavy in themselves, this sort of business may find themselves exhausted. They need to share the burden separately and entrust experts with some of the operational work.

Otherwise, doing it on their own will cost them more time, money, and energy. In this regard, Qiscus, as a specialist in real-time communication services, can offer such businesses solutions which can help in company-to-customer and customer-to-customer engagement, which are a significant aspect of Doku’s success. sdk

Qiscus’ Role in Doku’s Success

How precisely does Qiscus help Doku enhance its customer-to-customer engagement? The sole answer is with our SDK feature. Qiscus has designed a chat interface for “Minta Dana” (a function for users to seek funds) and a “Transfer” feature which is familiar for customers to use. It can facilitate real-time communication between customers especially because its chat interface is familiar to locals.

The function of Doku Transfer might still be the same as conventional banks, which is mainly used to transfer funds. However, if that service is perfected with chat interface. Then the impact on the customer is raised to a whole different level. Not to mention that in Indonesia, chat interfaces are currently hitting the mark and its use is rising exponentially, which means that applying a chat interface in the “Transfer” service will be a great boost for Doku.

While it may sound so seamless and easy, designing such interfaces are not that simple. You must entrust this sort of business to the experts, unless you want to fall hard. Why is that so? Firstly, businesses who require systems to approach customers should think twice before applying the technology on their own.

Customers who are used to seamless communication platforms, such as Whatsapp. May have higher expectations of ease in using the chat interface. This means that they demand the same level of ease. And functionality of your chat interface just like the ones they are or have been using. sdk

Qiscus SDK

Fortunately, Qiscus has its own share of experience to deal such needs. We realize that developing chat interfaces is not the only thing a company has in mind. Thus, we can take on this portion of the business and leave your company to focus on your core business.

This convenience is what we have offered to many other business models. And we have helped them to reach customers or facilitate interaction with them effectively. Just take a look at the case of Doku. Where Qiscus has taken part in sustaining and enhancing Doku’s engagement. With its customers using the SDK chat which we have developed.

Just like Doku, Qiscus SDK has been utilized for other companies too. Qiscus can help your business to develop further. For more information, you can drop us a note at or e-mail [email protected] to discuss your needs further.

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