Qiscus x Vonage’s Collaboration to Level Up Businesses’ Communication Channels

Low-Touch Economy

The pandemic has caused the emergence of a Low-Touch Economy, which has forced industries to find new ways to continue staying relevant to consumers. Qiscus x Vonage is a collaboration which aims to build a social contact center to reach customers worldwide via multiple channels.   

McKinsey Digital reported that the economic sector experienced digital technology acceleration to unimaginable degrees due to the pandemic. “(The economy) had vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoptions in a matter of around eight weeks.” It indicates astounding growth and signals deeper potentials, mainly when the pandemic-related situation drives the Low-Touch economy due to strict safety policies to ensure stakeholders’ well-being. 

Moreover, McKinsey predicted that while the pandemic may linger for the next one or two years, the new habits will not immediately disappear. It was predicted that about 75 percent of society who has already adopted digital channels for communication is likely to continue using it later. 

The Urgency of Going Online

Nonetheless, some offline-based enterprises, including small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) may still struggle with how to shift operations online and face the Low-Touch economy. The bottleneck is appearing across many local and international enterprises, among others, in determining how technology can be streamlined into their processes and provide a more relevant customer experience (CX).

Simultaneously, the #stayathome campaign has brought out a change in media consumption. Kantar (2020) found that almost 80 percent of respondents spend time on social networks and surf the Internet. A slightly lower percentage of respondents spend massive amounts of time on Instant Messaging systems or applications. 

In response to this shift in media consumption, brands need to quickly embrace the situation and remain highly visible to stay relevant to the customer. Nonetheless, the usual implementation of conversational application integration to a brand’s website or application may take time. Moreover, once the service has been integrated, brands may find it a hassle to run services smoothly while simultaneously finding a solution to respond to increased consumer inquiries. Another challenge is that brands may also encounter demands from consumers who request for complementing services with payment alternatives beyond the traditional Credit Card or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system.

Qiscus x Vonage for Excellent Communication Solution

Qiscus has joined hands with Vonage to help enterprises situated locally and in the Asia Pacific to bring relevant CX to their processes by providing multichannel conversational capabilities. This will also lead to a creation of an out-of-the-box solution in managing customer support. 

 Qiscus is an Application Programming Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK) provider and is a leading digital communication solution. Meanwhile, Vonage offers flexible and scalable voice, messaging, video, and data capabilities across Communications APIs, Unified Communications, and Contact Centers. Vonage’s business solution allows the enterprise to stay ahead by communicating with flexibility, intelligence, and personalization. 

The partnership  between Qiscus and Vonage is built with the same goal and that is to make communication frictionless  during this pandemic and beyond. Hence, with the promise of providing world-class  products and services for businesses worldwide, Qiscus and Vonage will provide an array of solutions to transform small and big enterprises digitally. The collaboration also aims to empower and enable more businesses with world-class conversational tools to provide  excellent customer experience (CX). 

As a result of the partnership, Qiscus and Vonage will provide comprehensive and customizable communications services and solutions to suit all business needs with ease of integration, reliability, scalability, and high-drag factor. 

Out-of-the-Box Solution for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Enterprises

Qiscus provides benefits to Vonage’s Asia Pacific clients across multiple industries by providing multiple real-world applications via the Qiscus Multichannel Platform. Specifically, the Qiscus Multichannel dashboard centralizes communication from multiple conversational channels into one location. Hence, customer service agents of businesses can handle conversations efficiently and with ease. Furthermore, Vonage brings to this partnership the most comprehensive suite of communication channels, a global platform and expert support, to help clients focus on elevating customer experiences.

This creates a perfect balance to the usage of both messaging and communication tools for any Customer Experience use cases.

With a simple one-click integration, Qiscus has been powering SMBs and enterprises with different web or mobile app requirements through multiple communication channels, numerous  agents, and a high number of active users. With the ability to localize data or provide a cloud solution, Qiscus’ services are undoubtedly robust for any type of  business worldwide. 

With the world community now highly dependent on the usage of conversational channels, these suites of features are beneficial to bolster low-touch interactions during the pandemic. Using these services to their advantage, businesses can easily transform their typical call contact center into a social contact center. Customers will then be able to reach businesses via multiple social media platforms anytime, anywhere along with the current conventional CC & PBX methods. 

Adopting Digital Solutions are Key to Survival during this Pandemic

The changing situation and the Low-Touch economy caused by the pandemic should not spell the end for enterprises. The key is for businesses to reevaluate and restrategize their current outreach strategies to potential and current customers. Adopting digital channels to ease communications with customers will bring businesses to broader niche segmentations and make them stay relevant in today’s circumstances. Qiscus and Vonage will provide corporations a hand to create a social contact center to reach customers worldwide via multiple channels. Should you be interested to know more about our solutions, we are here to help

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